Eight facts about my October running

Here’s my candy corn route, via Strava, along with a photo of a handful of candy corn.

October has come to an end, and so has the If Girls Ran the World virtual run. So, I’m wrapping up both the month and the virtual run in this blog post.

  1. I ran 114.34 miles. This is my highest monthly mileage total since September 2015, and it was desperately needed if I want to keep my goal in sight. I am currently at 954.23 miles for the year, which means I need 245.77 miles for the rest of the year — an average of 122.89 miles per month. Although that’s more than I’ve been doing, I think it’s doable, particularly with marathon training long runs in the mix.
  2. I did two races. On the first day of the month and the second-to-last day of the month, I participated in races. These were the Pemberton Half Marathon and the Sneakers & Creepers 5K.
  3. I participated in the If Girls Ran the World virtual run and fundraiser. Read all of my recaps here: Pre-start, two weeks in, three weeks in and four weeks in. The month has ended, but donations are still being accepted for the cause I chose, Girls on the Run International. Find my page here.  
  4. I did four abs workouts. I did four Jillian Michaels workouts in October for the four Wednesdays. Two of these were actually on Wednesdays, one was on a Friday and one was on a Sunday.
  5. I tried my first barre class. Whew — it was tough! Read about that experience here. 
  6. I went on my first group bike ride. Read about that here. 
  7. I explored Lewes’ new rail trail. It had been a while since I had contributed to the Scenic Runs page on this blog. It was fun to check out a new trail.
  8. I celebrated Halloween with a candy corn run. I ran in the shape of this delicious holiday treat and then ate some candy corn for breakfast. Yum.

Looking forward to a hopefully higher-mileage month in November!

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  1. Good month ! The most I can do is a half marathon and 2 x 5k every week so nowhere near your 114 monthly miles. But I’ll have a new training plan in January ! 🙂

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