If Girls Ran the World Check-In: Three weeks down!


Another week of the If Girls Ran the World virtual run and fundraiser is now down, and since last Friday, I logged an additional 30.67 miles for the cause, not including today’s run.

As I mentioned in my last check-in, it helps to have a place online to log my miles where people can see them and to feel like I’m doing it as part of this group challenge. I’m also now marathon training for The Louisiana Marathon and trying to make up for lost time in previous months so I can still meet my 1,200-mile goal for 2016.

My total miles logged during October and this challenge, as of yesterday, is 73.82 miles. This is slightly off from what’s logged online since my watch logs workouts at the track a little bit over and I did do one track workout.

My fundraising total for Girls on the Run International hasn’t changed since last week: $75 plus transaction/website fees.

It does appear that the If Girls Ran the World mileage logging has been fixed; I had been manually putting in my miles along with the Strava data, so I ended up having to delete the double miles. The total mileage for all participants is currently at 14,380 miles, according to the website. More than $100,000 total has been raised, according to the site; participants are raising money for different charities benefiting women and girls.

I’ll be back with another check-in next Friday. In the meantime, if you are interested in donating to the cause, here is the link: Vanessa’s Run Across Part of the World.

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