If Girls Ran the World Check-In: Almost Halfway!

We’re almost halfway through October, which means I’m nearly halfway through my If Girls Ran the World virtual run and fundraiser.

Here I am after a 7-mile run on Tuesday, the International Day of the Girl. (Yes, there is an Instagram filter. But I had just run 7 miles. šŸ™‚ )

In case you missed my previous post (read it here), I am participating in If Girls Ran the World, an effort in which participants log miles that are added up while also fundraising for different charities benefiting girls and women. I’m fundraising for Girls on the Run International. I noticed that on my page, it had changed to Girls on the Run Charlotte, but I reached out and asked, and it is still going to theĀ Girls on the Run InternationalĀ organization.


I did not do a Friday check-in the first week, so I have two weeks to wrap up here. After a little trouble, I was able to sync my watch to Strava and have my miles upload on the If Girls Ran the World website to add to the total. As of now, it doesn’t look like the group is close to hitting the mileage around the world, but I would suspect that it may be in part because some people aren’t syncing their devices or haven’t been able to. (Participants have logged 3,410 miles through the website, ifgirlsrantheworld.com, but the total goal is 24,901 miles.)

For the first couple days or so, I was in the Top 5 in the leaderboard as far as miles, but my 43.15 miles so far puts me in the No. 18 spot right now. However, I know there are people who run more than I do, so that’s one reason I suspect not everybody is logging their miles to go toward the total. Participants can also manually log miles on their pages, which I have been doing, but that does not seem to add to the group total or the leaderboard amounts.

I got my third donation today (the first one was from myself), and I am currently at $75 raised for Girls on the Run International, plus transaction/website fees.

The fact that I’m logging these miles on a page that people can see has certainly encouraged me to get some more miles in. I also know that I need to run an average of more than 100 miles each month in October, November and December in order to meet my goal of 1,200 for the year.

On International Day of the Girl, Oct. 11, I wore my pink virtual run shirt for the second time this month; my first time being the Pemberton Half Marathon and the first day of the virtual run.

I’ll be back with another check-in next Friday. In the meantime, if you are interested in donating to the cause, here is the link: Vanessa’s Run Across Part of the World.

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