My first group bike ride: The Salisbury Slow Roll

Here’s a group photo of participants in the October Salisbury Slow Roll before we started riding on Oct. 12. (Jill Fears photo)

One thing I’m not the best at when it comes to running is doing other exercise aside from running — cross-training. However, having a new bike to ride makes it easier. I have really been enjoying getting out there on my bike, although I haven’t even been riding it as much as I’d like to.

Earlier this month, I participated in my first group bike ride — the Salisbury Slow Roll. This was a monthly occurrence, but October’s ride, on Oct. 12, was the last of the season because it’s starting to get dark so early now and of course after Daylight Saving Time ends, this will happen even earlier. For those in the Salisbury area, there are also group rides through the Salisbury Bike Party, which I haven’t yet been to but would like to try.

Here I am after completing the Salisbury Slow Roll and some additional mileage.

The Salisbury Slow Roll started at 5:30 p.m., so I had enough time to leave work, change into a bike-appropriate outfit and bike to downtown Salisbury’s Government Office Building from my house.

The Slow Roll was a fun, welcoming and inclusive event; there were people of various ages and some athletes from Athletes Serving Athletes. I also think it’s great that members of our Salisbury Police Department participated in the ride.

The pace was slow, as it says in the title of the event, and we stayed together as a group as we biked through Newtown and to a passageway through a wooded area. Because we were all together and because of the police assistance, I didn’t feel worried about drivers. The ride was about three miles or so.

I added some mileage onto my ride, logging a total of just more than nine miles including the Salisbury Slow Roll and the bike to downtown and back.

I’ll be on the lookout for more Salisbury Slow Roll events in the spring!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I really want to do a group bike ride next year. I’m pretty slow but I’d love to meet some biking friends.

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