I’ve been featured in the media many times for my day job, but here are some running-specific features, listed with the newest at the top.

DizRuns Radio – 1142: Vanessa Junkin: Embraces Both Her Online And Real Life Running Communities (Coming Soon!)

Time for Brunch Podcast – TFB Quick Bytes – 33-minute #Instafun Progression Run / Blog post (mention)

DelmarvaLife – We Get a Preview of the 18th Annual Tim Kennard River Run

47ABC – Eastern Shore Running Club kicks off the Fourth of July

47ABC – 17th annual Tim Kennard River Run returns, participants flood the streets for a good cause

47ABC – Tim Kennard River Run kicks off March 20th

The Sports Refuge – Pain and Gain with Vanessa Junkin

DelmarvaLife – Running Safety

Runner’s World – How to Stay Connected to Your Training Partners

Run with Purpose – Am I a Runner? w/Vanessa ep017

The Sports Refuge – Episode 22 – The Beer Run with Vanessa Junkin

The Sports Refuge – Episode 2 – On the Run with Vanessa Junkin

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