If Girls Ran the World Check-In: Mileage goal met!

I got this medal early in my email because extra mileage was accidentally logged, but now that I’ve actually run 100 miles, I’ve earned it!

With a 5K on Friday in my If Girls Ran the World shirt, I passed 100 miles for October and met my mileage goal for the If Girls Ran the World challenge. It wasn’t a race, but I did try to keep up a good pace.

I’ve been participating in this virtual run, through which runners are logging their miles and fundraising for charities benefiting women and girls.

I’m running for Girls on the Run International, because I think it’s awesome that the nonprofit uses running as a way to benefit and enrich the lives of girls. Hopefully, the joys of running with stick with these elementary and middle school girls through adulthood. I haven’t raised any more money since my last check-in, so I’m still at a total of $75 plus transaction fees.

As of last Friday, since I was meaning to do these check-ins on Fridays, I had run 100.18 miles during October and this challenge. Since the previous Friday, I ran 28.36 miles over six days, not including today’s nine-miler.

While my goal was 100 miles for the challenge, I knew that I needed to run more to help make up for lost time in my 1,200-mile goal for this year, and I’m continuing on.

So far, 19,627 miles have been logged in the If Girls Ran the World run, according to the website, and I’m in 26th place as far as miles run (that does include today’s run). More than $118,000 has been raised so far.

There are still a few days left in October and in the If Girls Ran the World virtual run. I’ll do my end wrap-up for this virtual run in my October wrap-up post.

If you’d like to make a contribution to Girls on the Run International through my page, follow this link.

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