My most-read posts of 2018

At the end of 2017, I looked back to see which of my blog posts got the most views. That clearly isn’t the indicator of which posts are the best, but I still think it’s interesting to see what my readers were the most interested in — and, in some cases, which posts got the best placement on Google.

I’m going to highlight my Top 10 most-read posts that I actually published in 2018. The most-read post on my blog in 2018 was actually the same one that took the top spot in 2017 — the post on the OOFOS OOmg that I tested for BibRave. This post must have an amazing spot on Google, because it got almost 1,000 views in 2018 — which is a lot more than my average post. But hey, I’ll take it!

I published 83 blog posts in 2018. Reviews of products I got to test for BibRave were popular, and two pacing recaps made the list, too. Several of these links also featured discount codes, but those have expired by now.

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10. Back to the Beach: Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach on my race schedule!

My post previewing my second Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon, which I ran for BibRave, took the No. 10 spot. The race is held Labor Day Weekend, but I wrote this post back in February. I plan to return this year for my third RNR Virginia Beach.

9. Vermont City Marathon full of syrup, scenery and support

I’m glad that a marathon recap made the list, because I spend a ton of time on my marathon posts. I have always really gone into detail when it comes to recapping 26.2 miles. The Vermont City Marathon was a great one!

8. National Hydration Day: My review of Gatorade Endurance’s new formula, gel flavors

The post may have been intriguing, but it was my model cat Foxy that really drew the readers in! The flavors I tested for BibRave were new to Gatorade Endurance — watermelon for the Gatorade Endurance formula powder and mango for the gels. I liked that the gels had a better consistency than what I usually think of for a gel.

7. Mercury Mile box offers a fun, stylish experience

What runner wouldn’t want to get a box full of running clothes in the mail? I enjoyed testing the Mercury Mile box for BibRave, and it looks like people thought it was interesting to read about – or at least to click on.

6. A successful, scenic pacing experience at the Coastal Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon

I enjoy sharing what it’s like to pace races on my blog. I expanded the number of races I pace this year by adding the Coastal Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon and the Bethany Beach First Responders Sports Weekend Half Marathon. This was my first year running Coastal Delaware, and it was the first year the Bethany half was held.

5. Why I was impressed by the Aftershokz Trekz Air

Although I did test the Aftershokz Trekz Air for BibRave, I’m not an ambassador for Aftershokz. But I’ll recommend these to anyone, and often do. I love them! It’s so nice to not have to worry about earbuds falling out, and being able to hear my surroundings while enjoying great sound quality of what I’m listening to is awesome.

4. Gear Review: BibBoards — my new way of attaching race bibs

Another BibRave review comes in high-up on the list! I enjoyed testing BibBoards and continue to use them for my races. We even got some personalized ones that we now sell with the Eastern Shore Running Club logo on them.

3. Consistency and confidence: Pacing the 2018 Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon

I always enjoy pacing — and then writing about my experiences — but I bet one of the reasons this post landed high on the list is because of the race’s super-active and fun Facebook group.

2. Gear Review: Recover with the new OOFOS OOmg Fibre Low shoes

I guess people like to read about OOFOS — particularly the OOFOS OOmg! My post on the OOFOS OOmg Fibre Low shoes that I tested for BibRave in 2018 earned spot No. 2 on the most-read list of posts published in 2018.

  1. National Sunglasses Day: A review of the Shady Rays Signature Series shades

In this post, I reviewed the Shady Rays Signature Series sunglasses in Purple Sunset Polarized for BibRave. This post continues to get hits, so I suspect it’s also being helped by a search engine.

Next up will be a look back at my running in 2018 and how I fared when it came to my goals.

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