December running wrap-up: A race, a reindeer and a goal met

I started December by hitting my goal of 2,018 kilometers for the year, and I ended it with my highest-ever monthly mileage. So, December was pretty good when it came to running!

  1. I ran 97.96 miles. If I hadn’t sprained my ankle (it was minor) at the end of the month, I think I would have made it to 100! Thankfully, after a shortened run and three days off, I ran today (Jan. 2) and it went well.
  2. I hit my goal of 2,018 kilometers. I hit my goal of 2,018 kilometers in 2018 on Dec. 1, and I ended up with 2,159.85 kilometers for the year — which is 1,342.07 miles, my highest ever!
  3. I ran one race. It was the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon, at which I paced the 2:30 group. Read more here.
  4. I ran the reindeer with friends. Each year, I get together with friends and run in the shape of a reindeer around Christmas. This is a fun holiday tradition!
  5. I ran in three places other than Salisbury. These were the trail around Lady Bird Lake in Austin, the Junction and Breakwater Trail in Rehoboth Beach, and the NCR Trail in Baltimore County.
  6. I made yoga a more regular thing again. I went three weeks in a row, and I could already tell that the consistency is helping me.
  7. I ran on the treadmill. It had been close to a year since I’d run on the treadmill — other than at The Running Event in late November — but I ran on the treadmill to use the Zwift app, and I enjoyed it for a shorter run.
  8. I joined Planet Fitness. On the last day of 2018, I joined Planet Fitness — primarily so I can use the Zwift app more. This is my third time joining a gym, but at $99 a year, that’s less than the cost of two Rise Up large iced coffees per month — which I buy almost every day (I know I can just make coffee…). It’s less of a monetary commitment than my previous gym, but despite that, I still hope I will actually go and get my money’s worth.
  9. I started training for a marathon. I’ll be running the Salisbury Marathon on April 6! Here’s my blog post about it.
  10. I also wrote some training plans for the Salisbury Marathon. As the Road Runners Club of America Level 1 certified coach for the Eastern Shore Running Club, I wrote some training plans that people can use for the Salisbury Marathon and Half Marathon. Check those out here.
  11. I sprained my ankle. I stepped on my ankle wrong and gave myself what felt like a minor ankle sprain while on a training run. I took three days off from running, and it seems to be nearly back to normal today, so I’m glad it didn’t set me back too much. Either way, rest is important.

Next up are some 2018 recaps!

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  1. Congrats on finishing 2018 strong! I’ve heard good things about the Salisbury Marathon, which I didn’t get to do last year. This year, I’ve already got two marathons in the second half of March, so I might do the half or see if I can get a relay team together for Salisbury. Good luck with your training — glad the ankle sprain turned out to be a quick fix!

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