Mercury Mile box offers a fun, stylish experience (+discount code)

These are the items I received in my Mercury Mile box. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

NOTE – Added Dec. 1, 2019: It appears that Mercury Mile is no longer in business. 

Disclaimer: I received a waived styling fee and 50 percent off items in a Mercury Mile box to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I was pumped when the opportunity to opt-in to test a Mercury Mile box came earlier this year from BibRave. I had just seen someone post about the box on Instagram, and I was intrigued.

I had a Mercury Mile box of hand-picked running apparel delivered to my home in May. But before I get into what I received, I’m going to explain at how this works.

Head to From here, you can click on “Reserve a Box” and choose a date to get your box. Mine came early, but I’m assuming it was because I ordered as part of BibRave.

There is normally a $20 styling fee to get the box, but you can save $10 on that with code “BibRave10.” If you keep an item worth at least the cost of the styling fee, it will be deducted from your total.

Then, you’ll fill out a survey so that the stylist can get to know you. From chatting with other BibRave Pros on Slack, our communication platform, it seemed like a lot of us had fun filling out the questions. It’s called a Runner Profile, and if you want to later order another box, you can update your profile at any time.

IMG_8956 2.JPG
I wore a tank and shorts I received in my Mercury Mile box for a recent run in Ocean City with Delmarva Moms Run This Town (Amy Evans photo).

As Mercury Mile notes on its website, it isn’t a subscription — you don’t receive a box monthly, for example. If you want a box, you reserve one. This could be one per year or one per week — or just whenever you feel the itch to get some new running clothes.

The categories on the Runner Profile survey are General Details, Function, Goals, Style and Fit. There’s also a place to add additional notes.

I wanted some tanks, so I made sure to note that I overheat easily and a common problem for me is that I get too hot on runs — as I’ve noted in earlier posts, the heat is really tough for me. I also have issues with chafing, and specified that I didn’t want any super short shorts.

There was also a place where I could put in my Instagram name (and Pinterest name, but I don’t really use Pinterest, so I just put in my Instagram name). It seemed to be a good variety of questions about the types of activities I do and the type of clothes that I like.

So, here’s what I received! I also did an unboxing video, if you’d like to check that out.

I listed the items in the order they were on the invoice. As a BibRave Pro, I was given 50 percent off any items I decided to keep, although normally, people do pay the full amount.

If you order a box and decide not to keep any or all of the items, you can send whatever you don’t want back in a prepaid return bag that comes in the box, and you can be refunded for those items — you just won’t be refunded for what you paid for the styling fee.

IMG_7818.jpgJanji Uganda 4″ Middle Shorts

I love these shorts, and they have become a go-to pair for me. They seem to be the perfect length, and this definitely helps deter chafing. For longer runs, I still use Body Glide or something similar, but it’s nice knowing that chafing might not be as much of an issue with these. The front is a whitish color and the back is black. The only problem is that around the crotch area, the black has bled a little bit and it’s now somewhat gray in that area. It’s not going to stop me from wearing them, but if I decide to get another pair, I would opt for a different color. I’m not sure if that is from sweat or the way I wash my clothes — I’m not always the most careful. However, I actually already looked into getting more of these. I always like a bargain, so I’m going to wait and see if I can find some on sale. I got a medium, which is my normal size. Regular price: $58; my BRP price: $29. 


Janji Uganda Half Woven Tech Midlayer  

I was surprised to see a long-sleeved quarter-zip in my box, since summer was right around the corner. But once I tried it on, I really did like it, and I decided to keep it. I brought it on my trip to Vermont and New Hampshire, and though it was a little warm to wear it for most of my trip, I did bring it to the summit of Cannon Mountain (I rode up in the Aerial Tramway) and wore it when I walked around at the top. I’m sure this will get more use in the fall. My stylist, Helen, wrote a specific note about this item. She said, “I love this top because of the breathable sweat wicking design. The mesh back is perfect for getting some air flow during runs and the 2 side pockets are great for storage! Also, this top supports clean water initiatives in Uganda which is pretty cool!” It’s certainly nice to be benefiting a cause while also rocking some cool clothes. As I mentioned, I kept this, but the original price of $88 would have been pricey for me (I mentioned I’m a bargain hunter). However, since I got 50 percent off, I decided it was a good buy. This was also a medium. Regular price: $88; my BRP price: $44.


Janji Uganda Race Singlet

This was the tank that caught my eye most coming out of the box. I had mentioned that I like fun designs, and this is definitely fun and different. Plus, it matches the shorts perfectly! I thought about whether to keep this because it was a little tight, but I decided I liked it enough. I like the light material and I’m glad I kept it. It’s a good choice when dressing for the hot weather, and like the other Janji items, the purchase helps benefit people in need. This was a medium as well. Regular price: $48; my BRP price: $24.

IMG_7826.jpgAsics Cool Tank

The Asics Cool Tank was the only item I decided not to keep. I tried it on, and I didn’t think the fit was the most flattering, and it was a little bit too see-through. However, it was lightweight and was the right size. About this tank, Helen said, “This performance tank has a slim fit and lightweight construction so that you stay cool and comfortable during your workouts. A reflective bar on the backside keeps you visible in low-light conditions, and a mesh panel on the back gives you even more breathability!” I did think I should send at least one item back because I had been spending a lot. Regular price: $45; my BRP price: $22.50.

IMG_7825.jpgGoodr A Ginger’s Soul Sunglasses

I have two pairs of Goodr sunglasses and really like them. However, I actually already had this exact pair of sunglasses — I received them in a 5K Crate. I later saw that another BibRave Pro sent her sunglasses back and received a different color — so that would be an option in the future. However, I figured since I got 50 percent off, I would give the unisex sunglasses to my boyfriend, so that’s what I did. $12.50 is hard to pass up for these quality sunglasses, and it’s cool that an accessory like sunglasses was also included in the box. Regular price: $25; my BRP price: $12.50. 

IMG_7827.jpg Body Glove Pali Tank

In my stylist Helen’s note to me, she said, “This soft top by body glove may be the most comfortable tank you ever own. It has flat lock seams and mesh panel inserts to keep you cool and comfortable during your workouts!” I have now worn this tank on some runs and it definitely is comfortable and good for the hot weather. I also love the fun design on the back. I think this tank also has a flattering fit. Regular price: $40; my BRP price: $20. 

I also received a sample size of Sweat X Sport detergent, which I have tested for BibRave, and a gift card for $15 off a purchase more than $75 at

Once you receive your items, you have seven days to decide what to keep and return (if anything). If you keep the items, you don’t need to notify anyone — you are just charged for those items. If you want to return items, you use the postage-paid bag. You can’t go for a run in the clothing before you decide to keep it, but you can try it on.

I ended up spending $109.50. Even with the discount, that’s still a lot for me to spend at once on running clothes, but I am really pleased with the items the stylist picked out for me, and they are getting a lot of use — aside from the long-sleeve quarter-zip, which will get more use once it gets cooler.

This was a fun experience and I enjoyed seeing what the other BibRave Pros received in their boxes as well. It was cool being introduced to clothing that I might not have picked out or found myself.

In addition to Helen’s typed notes on three items, I also thought it was cool that she included a handwritten personal note.

This photo shows the backs of both the Body Glove Pali Tank and the Janji Uganda 4″ Middle Shorts.

“I hope you enjoy my selections!” she wrote. “I had fun choosing your items based on your profile and Instagram! Good luck on your upcoming marathon, you rock!”

I received the box not long before I left for the Vermont City Marathon, and one of the questions on the profile had asked if I was training for anything, so that was a nice touch.

I think it would be fun to order another box when I have some extra spending money.

The Mercury Mile website says the box’s contents normally cost between $125-250, but you don’t have to keep all of the items, so it could be less depending on what you keep.

Remember that you can save $10 on the styling fee with code “BibRave10.” You can also join #BibChat on Twitter with @Mercury_Mile this coming Tuesday, July 10, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. I’ll be there!

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