Seven facts about my September running

Here’s the various swag items I earned during September: A Run, White & Blue 5K second place age group medal, a Mike Sterling Crab Derby 10K first place age group medal, a Bottle & Cork 10 Miler finisher medal and a Dogfish Dash 8K finisher stainless steel pint. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

Although I ended up logging my lowest monthly mileage total of 2016 in September, it was still a relatively eventful month. I took a look at September in my latest monthly reflection.

  1. I ran 73.04 miles. As noted above, this was my lowest monthly mileage total of the year, and in order to meet my goal of 1,200 miles for 2016, I’ll have to average well over 100 miles per month. I can’t have another 73-mile month.
  2. I only did one double-digit run. A major contributor to my lower monthly total was the fact that I only did one run in the double-digit mileage, which was the Bottle & Cork 10 Miler.
  3. I did four races. These were the Run, White & Blue 5K, the Mike Sterling Crab Derby 10K, the Bottle & Cork 10 Miler and the Dogfish Dash 8K. Click on a race to read more about my experience. Although my times were not crazy fast, I still felt good about my performance in these races.
  4. I kept up my Wednesday abs workouts. I did abs workouts for three of the four Wednesdays in September. Two of the workouts were actually on Wednesday, and the other one was on a Friday. I did miss one week, but I’m planning to do four abs workouts in October for the four Wednesdays. Maybe I’ll even do a fifth to make up for the one I missed in September. (Maybe!)
  5. I ran 20 #milesofshame. I do a challenge with the Delmarva Moms Run This Town members in which we pick the winning football team(s) in Monday Night Football games ahead of the start of the games. I don’t have a strategy — I just go based off of instinct — and it turns out that I picked wrong in the first four games, resulting in a total of 20 #milesofshame — five per game. Although running 5 miles is not usually a punishment for me (and it doesn’t have to all be run at once), I actually did end up doing a 7-miler at the last minute for the first week because I needed to run 10 miles and didn’t get much running in that week.
  6. I started riding my new bike. I blogged about this a little bit in September’s The Ultimate Coffee Date link-up. I learned to ride my road bike, which was an adjustment. I did do a five-mile ride and road it around a few places, but I’d like to work it in more as cross-training.
  7. I started marathon training. Although my first long run of marathon training wasn’t until the first day of October, my first official day of training for the Louisiana Marathon was Sept. 26.

Well, we’re already six days into October and I am relatively confident the mileage will be much higher than in September. Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Seven facts about my September running

  1. Great post! I also purchased my first road bike this summer. I started riding it in June, and I actually blogged about my inaugural ride, which included a wipe out and unexpected rain. Since then I’ve grown accustomed to it and although I don’t ride as much as I would like, I definitely look forward to my rides and enjoy riding more than I expected to… I even did a bike race sponsored by a land conservation group on the north shore… it was a great time! I hope you get more time on the bike. I bet you’ll be surprised how awesome it is, and how much it complements your running.

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    1. Thank you! My first “ride” (not a full ride as much as practice on my street, which I did for a while) also included a wipe out and I had the scrape to prove it for a week-and-a-half or so! 🙂 That sounds awesome! Reading your comment made me want to go out and ride my bike!

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  2. Don’t beat yourself up on mileage volume although I enjoy tracking my monthly totals too and figuring out how much more I need to run per month to meet my annual goal…thinking I’m not gonna make it! Sounds like a great quality running month for you…the MNF challenge sounds like fun! Good luck with the start of marathon training.

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