Eight facts about my June running

Part of the latest #RunChatHunt included finding the letters in #RunChat, with the additional chance to submit a collage. This is a collage I made from letters I found.

It’s hard to believe there’s less than an hour till July. But there is, so it’s time to wrap up my June running.

  1. I ran 89.30 miles. This puts me about 12 miles short of where I should be halfway through the year to end up at 1,200 miles — 588.25 — but is still not bad.
  2. I ran every day in June. I’ve been participating in the Runner’s World Run Streak, which began Memorial Day and goes till the Fourth of July. (Here are my posts about starting the streak and when I was 1/3 of the way and 2/3 of the way through.)
  3. I’ve been doing speed work consistently. Even if it’s not been official workouts, I have been testing myself on speed, doing intervals or seeing how fast I can run a mile or two miles. I can tell I’m getting faster.
  4. I need to get that going with strength work. I did an abs workout one Wednesday with the goal to continue that. Two more Wednesdays have passed and I haven’t done it since, but I’m hoping writing it here will help encourage me.
  5. I did two races. Those were the Baltimore 10 Miler and the I Thought They Said RUM Free 5K Fun Run. I also enjoyed the Five on 25 Fun Run & Prediction Challenge, not technically a race but kind of like one.
  6. I realized I’m good at predicting my times. In the aforementioned 5K, I was seven seconds away from my predicted time. In the 5-miler, I was 11 seconds away.
  7. I had fun participating in #RunChatHunt. The #RunChatHunt running scavenger hunt added something fun to my runs during June. Some items were easy to find, but the hardest ones for me were the garage sale and the selfie with a police officer, fireman or EMS worker. I didn’t end up getting the selfie, a little because I felt awkward asking, and I didn’t find an actual garage sale, though I did find a “Yard Sale” sign and tried to follow it. It’s a fun challenge, and there’s even the chance to win prizes. (Edit: Right after I published this, I saw the deadline for #RunChatHunt has been pushed back to July 3 — so I still have a chance to get those items!)
  8. I signed up for my next marathon. Marathon No. 6 will be the Louisiana Marathon — 26.2 miles at age 26.2!

Well, onto the second half of the year!

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