An accurate prediction at the I Thought They Said RUM Free 5K Fun Run

I took this selfie at TriCycle and Run after finishing the I Thought They Said RUM Free 5K Fun Run. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

After an awesome experience at last month’s Tacky Prom Free 5K Fun Run hosted by TriCycle and Run in St. Michaels, I was excited to return for the I Thought They Said RUM Free 5K Fun Run.

These monthly free races are prediction races. Since I have been wanting to run a 5K in under 26 minutes recently, I put down 25:59 as my predicted time. Runners can win if they come in within 10 seconds on either side.

I’ve given it away in my headline — my predicted time ended up being very close to my actual time, which I was happy about. I ran the course, the same course as the Tacky Prom race, in 26:06.

The end has a little loop-around spot, and I saw 25:57 on the clock as I neared the finish. I tried to kick it up as much as I could so that I could come in within 10 seconds of my prediction.

This is only my second prediction race, so I guess I’m not bad at knowing my speed. I was one of nine runners who came in within 10 seconds, according to the results.

I liked that the course was the same as the Tacky Prom race because it makes it easy to compare times. I was faster this month than I was last month. Although I was wearing a dress, I ran the course in 26:31 that time.

After seeing a photo of all the donations for Talbot Humane, I decided this would be a good thing to document for my blog, too. Wow! (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I actually thought it felt hotter last month. It did feel hot once I finished today, Sunday, June 19, but the weather didn’t seem too bad today, for it being June.

I ran without a watch, but I felt like I got a relatively fast start, slowed down a little in the middle and tried to do the last mile fast. I did stop at the water stop on the way out and back, and each time I drank a little water it felt like I gained a little extra energy.

The race was free, but each month, donations are collected for a certain cause. This month, it was for Talbot Humane, and I brought a bag of cat food. I thought the amount of food collected was impressive!

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