Fastest mile of 2016 (so far) at the All-Comers Track Meet


Here I am after competing in the All-Comers Track Meet 1600-meter race with my second-place ribbon.

This is my third year competing in the summer All-Comers Track Meets, and these meets are events I look forward to.

The 1600-meter, or the mile, is my event of choice at the free and open-to-the-public track meets at Wicomico County Stadium in Salisbury. It’s the longest event offered, and I’m certainly not a sprinter.

The meets are hosted by the Westside Striders/Coach Leslie Wright. The team is affiliated with the Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism department, where I work.

I used to run track in high school, and I often did the mile at meets.

At the meet Friday evening, I ran the 1600 in 7:33, my fastest mile of 2016. (I think it was technically 7:33.9, but I’m going with 7:33. Either way, it’s my fastest mile of the year.) I haven’t tested myself at the mile too many times this year, but I did run the distance for speed at least four other times this year, whether it was during a speed workout or just for fun.

I started out fast on Friday evening, with the first lap at 1:46, from what I remember from the times being called out. I wore a watch just to ensure I got my time, but I didn’t look at it during the race. (I didn’t end up needing it.)

I don’t remember what I crossed 800 meters in, but by the time I finished my third lap, I believe the time was 5:37. I was happy to know that I still had more than two minutes left to stay under eight minutes.

At one point I passed a young boy who was running near me, but soon after he passed me again and ended up finishing in front of me. He definitely kept me going, and I finished fourth out of the group, and second among adults or adult women. I was lapped by one person; he passed me on his fourth lap as I was about halfway through my third lap.

I’ll have another chance to try to beat my time at the next All-Comers Track Meet, which is Friday, July 29, at 6 p.m. at Wicomico County Stadium.

Here are my previous mile times/recaps from previous all-comers meets:

7:14 – second meet, 2015

7:22 – first meet, 2015

6:37 – 2014

When I wasn’t running, I was helping give out water and Gatorade on behalf of the Eastern Shore Running Club with our VP, Melissa. The Eastern Shore Running Club has also monetarily supported the Westside Striders.

I’m looking forward to the next all-comers meet. Hope to see you there!

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