22 push-ups, 22 days, 1 good cause

Here are screenshots from my first three days of videos in the push-up challenge.

It’s tough to imagine what would make not living seem like a better option than living, but that’s how an estimated 22 veterans per day feel.

Although the exact statistic is disputed, it’s a serious issue. We want people to be willing to fight for our country, and we should care what happens to them once they return.

On Monday, my friend Melissa challenged me to take part in a 22-push-ups-per-day-for-22-days effort. It’s been going around Facebook, and participants post a video of themselves completing the push-ups each day.

I decided to do it: Not only was it for a good cause, but it’s also good for my physical fitness.

Today is Day 5 of the challenge, and I have not done today’s push-ups yet. But early on, I learned I wasn’t doing the push-ups correctly, something I probably could have guessed. My boyfriend, Mike, helped me get the modified push-up form down, and I’m going with that for now.

I feel good that I’ve been able to improve my form, and I’ve been able to feel the impact in my muscles. On Wednesday I did the push-ups and an abs workout, and I was very sore Thursday morning.

While it’s a serious issue, I’m also trying to put some personality into my videos. Our cat, Buddy Cat, has also made appearances.

I am pleased to see the support I’ve gotten on people who have seen the video posts. One post got three shares, and I’ve gotten likes and comments, too. I’m glad it’s just not another annoying Facebook trend: Hopefully, it’s raising some awareness.

It’s not the first effort to raise awareness of the high number of veteran suicides. Last year, I wrote an article about a group that ran a combined 911 miles.

This challenge will leave me with soreness, but it will be nothing compared to the pain these veterans face. I hope the combined efforts of plenty of Facebookers will somehow make a difference.



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