Snapping and running my way through Pemberton Park

Pemberton geofilter 1.png

I’m a fan of using social media in conjunction with running, as long as I’m not racing. So, when I found out last night that I had gotten my first Snapchat geofilter approved, the only appropriate way to celebrate was a run at the location — Pemberton Historical Park.

I got myself up out of bed a little after 6:30 a.m. — this is rare, as I’m not a morning person and live very close to my workplace — in order to head to Pemberton Park and see the geofilter before work. It was exciting to see the geofilter live and get to use something I had created on the platform.

I work at Wicomico Recreation, Parks and Tourism, and I have been submitting geofilters for various county sites, several of which have not been accepted. This was my first success in the world of geofilters.

I only had time to run about two miles — my miles on trails are, of course, slower than my regular runs. Plus, I kept stopping to send snaps. I put five snaps using the filter into my Snapchat story.

In case you’re not on Snapchat, or not my friend on Snapchat, I’ve taken screenshots of the snaps. (They’ll expire 24 hours after I took them, anyway.)

See the rest of my snaps from this morning below. I loved lining up trails with the sign on my geofilter.

Since I love running in different areas, I’m curious to see what other geofilters I may come across on different runs. Geofilters are my favorite part of Snapchat; It should be fun to explore!

And, if you live in the area or are heading to Wicomico County, be sure to swipe to use the geofilter at Pemberton Park!

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