Seven facts about my May running

Since eRace the Stigma was included in two of my points, I’ll use a photo from that for this post.

It’s been such a busy June so far that I am just now getting to post my May monthly reflection. But here are seven facts about my May running.

  1. I ran 98.06 miles. May’s mileage put me just under 500 miles for the year. As I’m going for 1,200 miles this year, I would have liked to have hit the 500-mile mark on the last day of May, but I hit it the following day, so that’s close enough.
  2. I completed two races. In one of these, eRace the Stigma, I helped support a good cause right here in Salisbury. In the other, the Tacky Prom Free 5K Fun Run, I ran in a “prom” dress in St. Michaels and also helped support a good cause by bringing a sunscreen donation. Both were great!
  3. In one of those races I earned the spot of first overall female. This was the eRace the Stigma, and was exciting and rare enough that it earns its own spot on this list.
  4. I got in some strong mileage on weekdays. I ran 10 miles for the first time after work in April, and I also got in 10 miles on two weekdays during May, one day of which I ran at work.
  5. The run I helped promote happened. As part of my job, I was getting the word out about the Run to Remember Memorial Day 5K. This run took place on May 28, and I volunteered at it, blocking traffic from entering the course at Memorial Plaza and also set up a water stop. I saw some familiar faces, and my mom even came down to run!
  6. I’ve been doing some speed work. I did two Monday night speed workouts with Midshore Multisport and hope to make this a consistent part of my running schedule.
  7. I started a run streak. On a whim, I decided to start the #RWRunStreak. This included the last two days of May, but my streak will be a little long because I’d also run the four days prior to Memorial Day.

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