Finally… My April running recap!

Sunrise over the beach with the text "April" and "100.22" under it.

Now that May is coming to an end, I’m finally getting to my April running recap. It’s been a busy couple months of running and other plans.

  1. I ran 100.22 miles. I was happy to make it to 100 miles in a month for the first time since January.
  2. I ran my fast 1600 in 9:25. This was by far my slowest of the 1600s I’ve attempted since I started this in January 2021, but it was not my day. I still got out there and tried and ran a pace that’s faster than I normally run.
  3. I ran two races. These were the Salisbury Half Marathon and the Coastal Delaware Half Marathon, which I paced. I wasn’t that pleased with my Salisbury time, but I perfectly paced my Coastal Delaware run.
  4. I started regularly running with the 11:30 Club. The 11:30 Club runs their conversation pace runs at a fast pace for me, so I’ve been trying to stick with or near them for the first two miles to work on my own speed. I ran with the group, which runs at 11:30 a.m., three times in April, and my times were 19:48, 19:41 and 19:26 for the two miles — I got faster each time.
  5. I ran in some fun places. In addition to my usual running locations like the Salisbury City Park, I went to the Eastern Shore Running Club’s new Thursday night run from Loakal Branch Brewing in Delmar and also ran at Trap Pond State Park, the NCR Trail and Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
  6. I did a brief plog on Earth Day. I didn’t have much time between yoga and work on Earth Day, but I went for a plog, picking up trash on a brief run, as part of a Brooks initiative for the Run Happy Team.
  7. I went to six yoga classes. I’ve been regular with yoga lately and made it to six classes in April.
  8. I got an exercise ball. I don’t have a gym membership, but I need something more than just online videos to get me motivated to do something other than running. I got a DribbleUp exercise ball, which goes with an app, and did four workouts in June. Some people use the ball every day, but even a little is better than not at all!

It was a good month, and things kept improving in May — stay tuned!