August Running Wrap-Up: A hot, humid month with lots of miles

I ran 116.25 miles in August, and I saw this rainbow on one of my runs.

I just finished a double-race weekend, but before I get to writing about that, I’m going to wrap up my August running. This was the fourth month in a row that I hit 100 or more miles this year, and it was my highest-mileage month of the year so far.

  1. I ran 116.25 miles. I ran 74.47 miles in the first two weeks of August to finish the Race Across Maryland. Then, I calmed down a bit, but I still completed 116.25 miles in runs and run-walks during the month.
  2. I also walked 10 miles. I decided it would be a smart idea to mix some walking into the runs and run-walks I was already counting for the Race Across Maryland, because I had a lot to do to finish. I walked 9.5 miles in that time frame and then later walked a half-mile cool down after a run for a total of 10.
  3. I exercised more in the morning than usual. I’m still usually an after-work runner, but there were some days I did a run or walk before work to get more mileage in, and I have had some friends to meet at 6:30 a.m. Fridays — more doable for me than our club run at 5 a.m. It’s definitely nice to start the day with exercise — when I can get out of bed!
  4. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:49. I kept up my pattern of running a fast 1600 at the beginning of the month. This was my slowest one so far this year at 8:49. I did try, but honestly, I had to go to the bathroom (TMI, but this is a running blog…), and that may have affected my pace a little! It’s still a fast pace for me, though. I’m happy they have all started with an “8” so far (although “7” would be nice at some point!).
  5. It was hot. There were a few cooler days toward the beginning of the month, but that was made up for with some brutally hot and humid days.
  6. I ran one race. In addition to completing the Race Across Maryland, I ran the Naylor Mill 7K, which of course happened to be on one of those super hot, humid days.
  7. I ran in a couple different locations. Mostly, I ran in Salisbury during August, and I ran and walked at the City Park a ton. I did run a few miles in Fruitland, at my mom and stepdad’s neighborhood in Sparks (during which I met a cute cat!), and at the NCR Trail (Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail).
  8. I did yoga twice. This included one class at the amphitheater downtown and one morning class at Soul Yoga. I’d like to get into a once-a-week habit and just booked another class!