I explored the Nanticoke River WMA – Nutters Neck for the first time

Here’s the dirt road I first ran on once I parked at the Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area – Nutters Neck.

Even though I’ve lived in Wicomico County full-time for almost nine years, and I’ve seen a lot of our county, I’m still finding new places to explore.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to check out the Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area – Nutters Neck. I think the first I heard of this spot was actually while proofing our Wicomico County Tourism Visitors Guide. My colleague, Josephine, mentioned it in an outdoors article she wrote (which can be found on our Tourism Blog here).

Then, while running the Tour de Salisbury, I noticed the turn-off for the wildlife area during the Cherry Walk loop.

Here’s another view from my run at the wildlife area.

I drove out to Nutters Neck, which is in Hebron near Quantico, and started my run during the late afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 30. I had donated blood the previous day (and waited 24 hours before exercising), so I knew I didn’t want to run super far and that I also wanted to take it easy, which I did.

I turned off Cherry Walk Road onto Nutters Neck Road, which I followed through a woodsy area until I came to a sign for the Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area. I parked there and started my run down a dirt road, coming to another parking area after about 0.6 miles.

I referred to this map on my phone while running, but the trails weren’t marked. The dirt road became a grassy stretch, which I followed to a woodsy trail. I turned around after about two miles, although I could have kept going — I’m not sure for how long.

Here’s the woodsy trail part of my run.

Once I came close to that second parking area on my way back, it appeared from the map that I could take another trail to get back to my original parking spot — even though I hadn’t noticed a trail in that area. So, I followed what I thought was that trail — which actually included a hay-like surface that was tough to run on. However, that trail ended, so I had to turn around and get back to my parking spot the same way I came in.

I was using my Strava app because I’d left my house without my watch, and I ended up logging a little more than five miles at a slow run-walk pace. I wasn’t feeling 100% and really haven’t felt 100% while running since the blood donation — something I hope changes soon.

I thought this was a cool view, which I saw when I left the woodsy trail area.

It was very quiet, and because of the remoteness of the location, I did text my boyfriend letting him know where I was. I saw a few people, and everyone was friendly.

The grass and hay were tough to run on, but I did enjoy exploring this new-to-me area. I didn’t get to see all of the trails, so I will have to return for another run.

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