August: My first in-person race in months and more

Photo of Vanessa Junkin posing on some grass with trees behind her in bright pink shirt and gray-looking herringbone shorts. Text says "August 120.33," for 120.33 miles run in August.

I crammed a lot of running into the first part of August, and I also ran my first in-person race since March. It was a good month overall!

  1. I ran 120.33 miles. Because of the 78.47 miles I ran in the first 13 days of August to finish the Race Across Maryland, I was able to hit 120.33 miles for the month even though I only logged 11.65 miles one of the weeks.
  2. I ran my first in-person race since March. This was the Naylor Mill 7K, a race I’ve participated in every year it’s been held. Read more about it here.
  3. I finished the Race Across Maryland. I finished this virtual 250-mile trek with a 15-mile run in Ocean City and Fenwick Island. The 15-miler was also my longest run since the Publix Atlanta Marathon in March.
  4. I ran a couple different places. In addition to my run in Ocean City and Fenwick Island, I also ran at the Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area – Nutters Neck for the first time.
  5. I took four yoga classes. I’ve enjoyed making yoga a pretty regular part of my schedule again, and in August, I took two classes with Soul Yoga Studio at the amphitheater in Downtown Salisbury and two indoor/outdoor classes with Meta Yoga. I’ve been enjoying the outdoor classes, so hopefully the weather will stay nice enough for that for a while (but not too hot, as I am ready to be finished with running in the heat for the season).

Well, we’re already nearly halfway through September. I will be back with a post on the Mike Sterling 10K — another in-person race — soon!