I hit a new mileage record in September!

Yellow flowers with the text "September: 167.74" overlaid.
I took this photo during my run at the Red Run Stream Valley Trail in October.

I’ve been busy, which is why I’m finally writing my monthly wrap-up for September on Oct. 18. It was a great month of running!

  1. I ran 167.74 miles. This is my highest-ever monthly mileage, a little more than a mile above my previous record, which was from this February.
  2. I ran four races. These were the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon, the Run, White and Blue 5K, the inaugural Pemberton 24 and the Dogfish Dash.
  3. I continued my marathon training. I’ve been training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which I can credit hitting my highest-mileage month to.
  4. I ran in some new-to-me areas. These included the Red Run Stream Valley Trail in Owings Mills and a few Richmond-area locations.
  5. I found $1.01 on a run. After finding City Strides, I’ve been running some new-to-me streets in Salisbury, too. I found $1.01 in change β€” my highest-ever on a run β€” when I ran in the area of the Centre at Salisbury between the Dogfish Dash and VP 5K.
  6. I had a busy volunteer weekend. The last weekend of September, I volunteered at both IRONMAN Maryland and the VP 5K.
  7. I also started another season as a Girls on the Run coach. For the second season, I’m coaching Girls on the Run with friends at the Henson Family YMCA in Salisbury.
  8. I went to yoga twice. Plus, there was another time that I took visiting travel writers to yoga at Bordeleau Vineyards & Winery and did a little yoga myself, then took photos. However, since Girls on the Run began, I’ve had very little time after work and haven’t made it to any classes β€” I miss it!
  9. I didn’t go to the gym. I don’t think I’ll be renewing this membership unless something drastically changes.

You’re probably thinking about October by now, but how was your September?

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