August Wrap-Up: My highest mileage month ever!

To celebrate running 150 miles this month, I got a tattoo. Just kidding! It’s a henna tattoo that I got in Virginia Beach.

Even without looking back at the post, I’m pretty sure I had a wrap-up post with a similar title last October, when I hit my then-highest monthly mileage of 140.5. But I hit 150 miles this month, which certainly calls for some excitement!

  1. I ran 150 miles. As noted above, this is my highest-mileage month ever! Once I realized I was close to 150 miles, I made sure to get to that number before taking two rest days on the last two days of the month, as I had a double-race weekend following that. My mileage has been increasing (gradually, and with cutback weeks) as I train for Freedom’s Run, coming up on Oct. 6.
  2. I not only ran a lot, but I blogged a lot. I published 12 posts in August, which was my most since June 2016, when I also published 12 posts. Did you miss a post? Check out my August posts here.
  3. I ran three races. These were the Naylor Mill 7K, the Foot Pursuit in the Park 5K and the Chase the Chicken 3K Fun Run/Walk (in which I was one of the chickens!).
  4. I was a chicken. I think that deserves its own bullet point. I dressed up as a chicken for the Chase the Chicken 3K. I’d never run a race in a full costume before.
  5. I went to a trail run wedding and bachelorette triathlon. I got to go to some fun running-related events in August! My friends Grizzly/Nicole and Todd got married, and they had a trail run wedding. Although I unfortunately got there late for the start of the run, I ran the route with my boyfriend, Mike, and had fun hanging out afterward. The bachelorette triathlon was the weekend before, and I rode what I think is my longest outdoor bike ride — 12 miles. I did not do the swim.
  6. I dealt with the heat and humidity. I’m totally ready for fall. This summer has felt extremely hot and humid, and this has made running difficult. I’ve been adjusting with slower paces and walk breaks, and I listen to my body. I also make sure to hydrate (although I’m sure I could do a better job of this during the day).
  7. I went to two yoga classes. I haven’t been that regular about going to yoga, something I’m trying to change, but I made it to one class at Soul Yoga Studio and another class at Bordeleau Winery & Vineyards in August. I didn’t go to the gym — I could have in August, because I had to pay for August because of the notice required with canceling — but I didn’t.

Stay tuned to hear about my September running — I have five races this month, two of which I’ve finished and one of which is tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 6 – the Run, White and Blue 5K).

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