A marathon and more: My May running wrap-up

I ran 112.1 miles in May.

May was a busy month of running, but with the day off work today, I’m actually getting my monthly wrap-up out right after the month’s end!

  1. I ran 112.1 miles. This was right in the middle of my monthly mileage so far — I had two months in which I ran more, and two months in which I ran less. I’m glad it was more than 100 miles to keep me en route to my goal of 2,018 kilometers for 2018 (about 1,253 miles). This did include my marathon, but also a taper and rest period afterward.
  2. I ran three races. These included the eRace the Stigma 5K, the St. Michaels Running Festival Half Marathon (which I was an ambassador for), and the Vermont City Marathon — my eighth marathon, which I ran for BibRave. Click on a race name to read more about that race.
  3. I also volunteered at a race. I enjoy volunteering at races when I’m not running them, and I volunteered at the Nanticoke River Multisport Festival on May 6. Look for me at IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman the weekend after next!
  4. I did my 10 Yasso 800s. For my next marathon, and just in general, I’d like to do some more speed work. But I did work up to doing 10 Yasso 800s, which I ran in an average of 4:33. This didn’t quite match up to my marathon time of 5:07, but I will still try this workout again and just be sure to run more mileage on weekdays.
  5. I went to yoga once. I’ve gotten out of my weekly yoga classes, but I hope to get more regular in June — with less races, I may go back to some of my regular patterns.
  6. I went to the gym once. I almost didn’t go to the gym at all — again — but I decided to go to Body Pump on the last day of May. I had off work and although I still have not run since the marathon, I figured I could do a different type of workout.

Well, it seems June will be much lighter for races compared to April and May, but I’m looking forward to seeing what it brings! This weekend I am headed to a Road Runners Club of America coaching certification course in Frederick.

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