Soul Yoga Studio challenge a fun chance to try new things, see improvement

The chaturanga pose was the pose for Day 6 of the Soul Yoga Studio challenge, and I was happy to see my improvement in my pose from last month (top) and my attempt from last year (bottom).

If you follow me on Instagram (@vanessajunkin), you probably noticed a bunch of photos me doing — or at least trying to do — a different yoga pose each day during August.

This was for a challenge that Soul Yoga Studio hosted last month. I meant to recap this earlier, but I’ve been busy!

Soul Yoga Studio had a chosen pose for each day, and participants were also supposed to finish the phrase “Today I am …” and tag the studio (@soulyogasalisbury).

Completing the challenge, which I did, came with a $31 credit to Soul Yoga Studio — which is obviously awesome — but I also enjoyed trying various poses I had never heard of before and also seeing some improvement in myself.

Day 23.png
This doesn’t look much like the pose for Day 23 — elephant trunk — but I had a lot of fun at Pint & Pose at Evolution Craft Brewing Company, which was led by Eva Whipple, owner of Soul Yoga Studio. (Rosie Brittingham photo)

To me, it’s a little tough to tell how much I am improving at yoga. I take a class at Soul Yoga Studio most Mondays, which I enjoy, but it’s not like running, where you can easily compare race times to see if you are getting faster or not. This challenge helped show me that I am improving.

I think my biggest improvement was in my chaturanga pose. I had a photo from last November when I attempted a chaturanga during 30 Days of Planksgiving, and now, I can actually do the pose. Even though I can’t do a full crow pose, I also noticed some improvement there.

I also had fun trying new poses, even if I was pretty far off from the pictures I looked up online. As I noted before in a previous yoga post, it’s a practice.

Day 25.png
Soul Yoga Studio picked a photo from a challenge participant to share each day, and they shared mine for camel pose — Day 25.

It was also nice to receive positive feedback from friends on Instagram, and I had fun checking out the hashtag #soulyogachallenge to see fellow participants’ photos.

I also went to a Pint & Pose yoga/beer event at Evolution Craft Brewing Company last month, and that was so fun! I’m heading to Evo again for Bend & Brew — another yoga/beer event — on Tuesday, and I also signed up for Pints & Poses at Dogfish Head on Oct. 14.

If you want to see my poses for each day of the challenge, I put them all together in a Storify. Click here to see that.

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