30 Days of Planksgiving a unique challenge

Here was my first plank picture, which I took on my lunch break (using a timer on my phone).

I saw my friend Amy post about Beyond Fit Mom‘s 30 Days of Planksgiving challenge and decided to give it a shot. After all, it only required a minute of my time per day.

I have been trying to get myself into other types of exercise in addition to my running, and so far, I have really been enjoying the barre classes and feel they are a great workout. 30 Days of Planksgiving included doing a different type of plank for a minute each day in November.

The listing of planks for each day can be found here. Some planks were not too bad, while others seemed impossible for me. I at least briefly tried each plank, but if I couldn’t do it, I did another type of plank in its place. The chaturanga, bird dog planks and finger tip plank were particularly hard ones for me. On the last day, for a plank of my choice, I tried to see how long I could hold a forearm plank and got to 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

I liked this plank picture! This was from Day 12, Plank Hip Drops. (Valerie Renda photo)

I didn’t always do each plank correctly, but I challenged myself and got positive feedback on my posts — I generally posted a picture to Instagram each day; there were three days that I missed and I did two planks for the following day. I also posted to the Facebook page. By using the hashtag #30DaysofPlanksgiving, I was entered to win prizes.

I ended up winning a kitlife.net planner through this challenge, which was an added bonus! Can’t wait to see it!

Although I did not become an expert plank-er by the end, I do think I improved some. As when the 22 push-up challenge ended, I have not kept up the planks, but I really should.

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