Gear Review: 5kCrate — Find out why I decided to subscribe!


Here I am holding the 5kCrate box and wearing four items from the summer 5kCrate — the Mission VaporActive Alpha running shirt, the Mission VaporActive cooling towel, the Spigen wireless Bluetooth headphones and the Zensah socks.

Disclaimer: I received a 5kCrate to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

Who doesn’t like getting something fun in the mail? I’ve thought about subscribing to a running-related subscription box before, but I hadn’t made the leap — until now.

I received the summer 5kCrate for free to try out through BibRave. But today, I paid to receive the quarterly shipment of running gear starting with the fall box.

Here’s the 5kCrate mission, according to the website:

“5kCrate is about offering subscribers a premium subscription that provides the best apparel and accessories on the market today. We promise not to be just another subscription box filled with just snacks and gels, but rather deliver to you a box filled with products that you will happily be able to use over and over again.”

Here’s the personalized note I saw upon opening my 5kCrate. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

That’s important to me. I don’t love every flavor — for example, I hate oranges. And, although this may come as a surprise since I am a marathoner, I really just can’t do gels. I use chews. So, when I train, I want to use what I already know I like.

I won a different subscription box in a giveaway, and of course, I was thankful to be chosen as the giveaway winner, but some of the items I haven’t even used yet — and that was a while ago.

My 5kCrate included (see note about values below):

  • Mission VaporActive Alpha Running Shirt ($35.95*)
  • Mission VaporActive Cooling Towel ($19.99)
  • Spigen Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($45.00)
  • Zensah Peek Compession Socks (postcard had listed no-show socks at $19.99; Peek socks are $13.99 online)
  • 2 Epic Full-Size Body Wipes ($2.50 each)
  • 3 La Fresh Travel Sunscreen Samples ($1.00 each)

The full item names and values above were included on a postcard that came in the 5kCrate. After reading another post (I always write mine before reading fellow BibRave Pros’ posts), I did realize there are cheaper costs for some of the items. For example*, the shirt can be found for $14.99 on Amazon, and I did not see it for as high as $35.95. The headphones are also currently on sale on Amazon. For others, like the Epic Wipes, it looks like you have to buy a pack of 10.

On the other side, the postcard had a handwritten note that said “Thank you Vanessa / We hope you enjoy!!” I liked the personalized touch.

I liked the variety of items — and, as I mentioned before, I liked that there were not gels or snacks, since I feel like those may be more likely to sit around. I realized as I was writing about this that there were a few items in here that I’d never heard of.

So, here’s what I thought about each of the items. I received the box at the end of August.

Mission VaporActive Alpha Running Shirt – I ran in this shirt three times so far. I put my normal size of women’s medium when I signed up for the 5kCrate via BibRave, and the shirt fit well. The shirt’s tag says it includes “VaporActive Cooling” — which “rapidly evaporates and removes sweat.” When I ran in the shirt, I noticed a slight feeling of a breeze. It was comfortable to wear. I also loved the color.

Mission VaporActive Cooling Towel
– I had never actually heard of a cooling towel before, so this was a cool — literally — idea. I used it after a couple runs, but I think it would be especially helpful after a super-hot long run, or on a break during one of those runs.

The Epic Wipes are huge! (Vanessa Junkin photo)

Spigen Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – I wore these on three runs. The sound was clear and crisp, and I did not mind wearing them for runs, although I did readjust them throughout the runs. On one run, I noticed it stayed in one ear better than the other. The headphones came with different size ear inserts, so I am going to try out some of those as well.

Zensah Peek Compression Socks – These socks were a perfect fit and were very comfortable. I think I wore them three times, and it’s always helpful to have more running socks, so I was happy these were included.

Epic Full-Size Body Wipes – I had never seen such a huge wipe before! The package says these are 31.5 inches by 19.7 inches. I used one of them after the Mike Sterling Crab Derby 10K, before a drive to Virginia Beach for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon, and the other one I used after being on the beach before going into a store where I might potentially try clothes on. It was big enough that I actually ripped it in half and gave half to my friend. These would be great for travel and I enjoy running in other places, so I am considering getting some.

La Fresh Travel Sunscreen Samples – Like the Epic Wipes, I had never heard of sunscreen wipes. I think this is a great idea, but it was a little hard to tell whether they worked or when the wipe would be out of sunscreen. I still have one left.

Here I am wearing the Spigen wireless Bluetooth headphones on a run. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

The 5kCrate is $59.99 per quarter or $205.16 if you pay all at once (that equals $51.29 per quarter). People can choose from a women’s or men’s box, and put in their sizes for tops, bottoms and shoes/socks.

I thought about paying in advance to save, but it’s more practical for me to do the quarterly payments, so I signed up to pay quarterly.

I looked up the cost of other subscription boxes, and if you divide the quarterly cost into months (about $20/month), it seems in-line with the cost of monthly running-related subscription boxes, but for better-quality items.

I also like how 5kCrate is active on social media and seems to retweet and share a lot of runners’ posts — including mine. Find 5kCrate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Want to learn more or subscribe? Visit The 5kCrate website says the fall box will start shipping Oct. 16.

I think it’s fun to test new things, so I’m planning to post reviews on the future 5kCrate boxes I get as well, even though that is not required through BibRave. It was also not required to subscribe, and I used my own money for that.

I have seen a post on 5kCrate’s social media about a Momentum Jewelry wrap being in the next box, and I’m curious to see what other kinds of items I’ll get. Stay tuned!

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I have made edits to the name of the Zensah socks (I received Peek socks, not No-Show socks) and to reflect that some items can be found for cheaper than what is listed. 


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