A hot Hero 5K for a reason

I had to have a photo of the cape socks in action. This is from after the 5K. (Nicole Adams photo)

In what’s getting to be somewhat of a monthly tradition, I made the drive to St. Michaels for TriCycle and Run‘s free monthly 5K.

This month’s 5K was the Hero 5K Free Fun Run. The organizers usually ask for a physical donation of some type — I have brought sunscreen and cat food — but this was the first time they requested a monetary donation (although it was not required), and I happily donated.

The cause is Team BlueLine and aiding the family of Anthony “TJ” Freeman, a Georgia investigator who died in the line of duty. Read about the cause and Jason and Laura Chance’s efforts for Team BlueLine here.

In addition to honoring real heroes, participants were also invited to wear superhero attire for the 9 a.m. Saturday, July 16, run. I considered wearing a shirt from the Run to Remember 5K, but that’s a navy blue tech shirt, and it was hot enough that I wanted to wear a tank top.

I ended up wearing a tank top and shorts I’d just purchased at the VP Shoes Sidewalk Sale, along with Batman knee socks — with capes! — that I bought at Target the same day.

This was my third time on the course, so I’m getting to know it. It was definitely my hottest experience on the course, though. I felt like I was surrounded by a cloud of heat, and I stopped caring whether I made it close to my predicted time of 25:53 and mostly just wanted to finish, with hopefully a respectable time.

I stopped for water both on the way out and back, getting two cups so that I could drink one and pour the other on myself.

My first mile was almost certainly the fastest, as I was closer to the leader and was actually the first female for that part. I ended up being passed by two other women and dropped back to further behind the leader.

I walked a little bit after getting the water, and I felt so hot and tired I was surprised to see the first part of the clock read “26” as I neared the end. I thought I had run the course at a slower pace than I had, and I was able to finish in 26:55. That was about a minute off my predicted time, but particularly given the heat, it was a time I was happy with.

I’m sure I’ll be back to St. Michaels soon!

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