November and December were full of fun runs

Selfie of Vanessa Junkin with text "November" over "100."

We’re halfway through January, so it’s time to wrap up my November and December running. Next up will be my 2022 year-in-review post.

  1. I ran 100 miles in November and 82.9 in December. Since I’m training for the Algonquin 50K, I would have preferred that my December mileage was a little higher, but these are my totals for the past two months (I’ve already surpassed my December mileage for this month).
  2. I again participated in Angie’s 100 Miles in November challenge. I likely wouldn’t have made it to 100 miles in November if I didn’t participate in this annual challenge. (You can learn more about it here.) There’s a supportive group of other runners and I enjoyed pushing myself to get to 100 miles.
  3. I ran my November 1600 in 8:05 and my first December 1600 in 8:15. I’m getting close to that sub-8:00 1600-meter run, but I didn’t quite make it in December. I tried four times, including the first one in December, and my other times were 8:11, 11:13 because I had to walk it in, and 8:49. I’ll keep trying! My friend Joey even came out to pace me the day I got sick, but unfortunately I’d eaten too recently to run hard.
  4. I ran three races in November and one in December. In November, I ran the Bay Bridge Run and ran my fastest 10K of 2022. Then, I ran the Tuckahoe 25K, which was my fastest trail 25K. I also ran the Turkey Trek 5K on Thanksgiving. In December, I paced the 2:45 half marathon group at the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon.
  5. I did some fun runs. In addition to running in New Smyrna Beach during a trip to Florida, I did runs in the shape of a turkey and reindeer with friends, along with a champagne mile on New Year’s Eve. In addition to regular Eastern Shore Running Club group runs, I also did a fun run and brunch with friends Dec. 23.
  6. I did three yoga classes in November and five in December. I’ve been enjoying keeping yoga a regular part of my routine.
  7. I did DribbleUp classes five days in November and five days in December. I’ve been working on strength training with a six-pound ball through DribbleUp, and I got on more of a regular routine with five classes each of these months. Some classes are super short but leave me sore for a few days!
Vanessa Junkin stands in the dark with reflective clothing. The text "December" is over "82.9" in the top right corner.