Many miles and more during a busy September and October

Scenic view with "September 158" in green font in the left corner.

It has been a busy few months, and now that I am in the midst of four days off in a row, I am catching up on the blog. It’s now time to recap my September and October running.

  1. I finally resolved my coughing issue! I usually put my monthly mileage first, but this is the most important takeaway from my entire year of running. After going a while without knowing why I couldn’t stop coughing while running, I was able to go to Johns Hopkins and get a diagnosis for irritable larynx syndrome, along with breathing strategies that made a huge dent in resolving my issues right away. This had led to more enjoyable and faster running — along with an answer.
  2. I ran 158 miles in September and 105.52 miles in October. The September mileage was my highest of the year so far.
  3. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:25 in September, then 8:05 in October. At the time, the September 1600 was my fastest of year, and then I surpassed that in October. Spoiler alert — I also ran 8:05 in November. I am hoping to break that 8:00 mark in December.
  4. I ran four races in September and one in October. My September races included the Mike Sterling 10K; Run, White and Blue 5K; Pemberton 24 and Dogfish Dash. That’s actually not as many as I usually cram in! In October, I ran the Atlantic City Marathon. At the Run, White and Blue 5K, I ran my fastest 5K since 2019, finishing out my goal of beating my times at two standard distances from 2020 and 2021 (I’d already done this for the 10K).
  5. I participated in the Women Run the Vote 3.0: The Alabama Black Belt Run! A Virtual Race to Support Black Voters Matter! I joined a team started by BibRave Pro Janelle for this virtual relay. Although we didn’t have enough team members/mileage to finish the relay, I’m glad I participated and supported the cause. There were also good learning opportunities for me.
  6. I attended the Brooks Run Club Tour. Read more about that experience here.
  7. I ran in many different places. My busy schedule during the past few months brought me to many different locations, and in addition to runs near my home, my races and a run in Timonium at the Brooks Run Club Tour, I ran on the Lake Roland trails, and in Rockville and State College.
  8. I did a run for mental health. I met up with friends in October and did a run to support mental health. I didn’t sign up for an official virtual run, but made a donation to Still I Run.
  9. I ran 3.2 miles in the shape of “32” for my 32nd birthday. My birthday was in October, and on the running side of things, I celebrated with a 3.2-mile run in the shape of “32” — my new age.
  10. I did three yoga classes in September and three in October. I’m glad to be keeping up with my yoga practice!
  11. I did one DribbleUp class in September and two in October. I slacked on the DribbleUp classes — classes at home with a weighted ball — for the past two months, but I’m happy to report that’s already improved in November.

With all this going on, you can probably see why it’s taken me a little while to catch up on the blog. I will be back soon with some November race posts.

A view of Vanessa Junkin running on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, with a ferris wheel in the background, with orange font reading "October 105.52" in the top left corner.