October Running Wrap-Up: Another high-mileage month and a birthday run

View of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at sunrise with the bay in the foreground of the photo. Text reads "October" and "150."

I had a successful month of running in October as I get closer to the Philadelphia Marathon, which is now only 10 days away.

  1. I ran 150 miles. My 150-mile month was my highest-mileage month since September 2019.
  2. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:45. This was my second-slowest 1600-meter run for speed of the year, but it was not too long after the Pemberton 24 and it was still within my normal range.
  3. I ran three races. These were the GPS Half Marathon, the Run Happy Fest virtual events and the Bay Bridge Run.
  4. I ran 31 kilometers for my 31st birthday. I took off work for my 31st birthday, and since I’ve been marathon training and had the bridge run the following weekend, I decided to run 31 kilometers (a little over 19 miles) on my actual birthday, Oct. 27. Since I was by myself, I also did a “31” scavenger hunt and looked for the number “31” on signs and in numbers on homes. I turned my watch to kilometers for this run, which took any pressure off, since I wasn’t completely sure what pace I was running. (I was not aiming for this to be a fast run, and it was not.)
  5. I ran in a few different locations. In addition to the race locations, I did the birthday run in Ocean City, some long runs at Trap Pond with my friend Diana (and one with Diana and Tim) and a run at Loch Raven Reservoir.
  6. I kept up my morning yoga routine. I’ve gotten into a habit of going to yoga on Wednesday mornings at Soul Yoga Studio. I did sleep in a little bit on my birthday, so I skipped that one, but I did go three times in October.

I definitely feel like I got stronger during this month of marathon training. Onto the rest of November!