Monthly wrap-up: My (2.5 weeks of) January running

Photo of snowy path through snow-covered trees with the dark pink text "January" and "76.22."
I ran 76.22 miles in January.

Well, in case you missed it, my January was certainly abnormal! I was hit by a car while out on a run Jan. 15, and after that, I took two weeks off to rest. I have now recovered (somehow?! I’m very grateful), with just a few small wounds remaining.

I initially fully blamed myself, but I’m taking it a little easier on myself now, particularly after going through that area as a driver since then and seeing how lit it is. Aside from that scary moment, here’s how the rest of my month went.

  1. I ran 76.22 miles. Despite taking off two weeks, which left me with only 17 days in the month, I was still able to get in 76.22 miles, 68.22 of which were before I was hit.
  2. I ran 8:32 for my fast 1600. I kicked off my goal of running a mile or 1600-meter run at the beginning of each month with an 8:32 1600 at the Bennett Middle track.
  3. I joined the Brooks Run Happy Team and ran 2.12 miles in 20:21 as part of a Brooks challenge. I wrote about joining the Run Happy Team in this post.
  4. I ran in Oxford, Lewes and at the Algonquin Cross-County Trail. It was fun to get out to some different locations this month (again, before I was hit). Read my post on my Oxford run here.
  5. I got in a snow run. It’s been snowing a lot lately, but I got my first real snow run in a while in on Jan. 31 (the first “real” snow of the winter). I ran through the snow and enjoyed the snowflakes falling as I ran.
  6. I hit the mark of 90 percent of Salisbury’s streets. I’ve been tracking my running with CityStrides (read an earlier blog post here), and I finally hit the 90 percent milestone for Salisbury’s streets.
  7. I did yoga once. This was taught by my friend and fellow BibRave Pro Kim, who is in South Carolina. I took the class from home and enjoyed it!

Next up? The Algonquin 50K tomorrow!

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