I ran for the front lines again!

It was time for yet another virtual run on Wednesday. I ran Part 2 of the 5K for Front Lines Virtual Run/Walk on Wednesday, April 15 — my fifth virtual race since coronavirus started impacting our lives.

This virtual run/walk was put on by Wicomico County Recreation & Parks, where I work, in partnership with Amerigroup and the Mizzle House Foundation. For each of the first 300 5Ks completed, a local meal would get to a frontline employee in our community. It was free for participants.

I set out for my second virtual 5K on the same course I ran the previous week — hoping to come in just under 30 minutes, since my last time was 30:03. However, I had some shin pain and walked a little bit, ending up with a time of 32:03.

While I would have liked to have beaten my previous time, it didn’t really matter too much. A meal got to a frontline employee, and I had just run a fast mile for the Pandemic Improvement Project the day before. The Pandemic Improvement Project is an initiative by Run Farther & Faster to see how much participants can improve their mile time in about a month. My first mile for the project was 8:55.

I did the marketing and social media for the 5K for Front Lines initiative, and it was fun to see the 5Ks come in — people beating their times, accomplishing their runs or walks and sometimes making it a family affair — and to know that we hit 300.

This was a great effort, and I’m glad I could be part of it!


Mile 1: 9:57
Mile 2: 10:28
Mile 3: 10:37
Last bit (.11): 1:00.3 (9:07 pace)
Total: 3.11 miles in 32:03 (10:19 pace)