April Wrap-Up: 100 miles in another odd month

I saw this train on my run during the last day of April.

My state, Maryland, was under a stay-at-home order during all of April because of the coronavirus, but thankfully, we were able to leave the house for exercise, so I could still run. However, keeping the stay-at-home order in mind, I did do all of my runs in April starting from my house, rather than driving to other locations to run.

  1. I ran 100 miles. I got in 7.25 miles on the last day of April to end with an even 100 miles for the month.
  2. I was active every day of April. I started a run/walk streak with the 19 Minutes for 19 Days challenge on March 23, and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve walked at least a mile a day starting that day.
  3. I walked more than 22 miles. I tracked 22.02 miles of walking during April, and I think I walked a little more that was not counted in that number.
  4. I got into plogging. Plenty of my walking miles were logged as I picked up trash. Read more about my experiences with my new hobby here.
  5. I ran four virtual races. Before COVID-19, I’d planned to run the Salisbury Half Marathon and pace the Coastal Delaware Half Marathon during April. I ended up running the virtual Salisbury Half Marathon, which I didn’t run at my race pace, along with two 5K for Front Lines runs (1 and 2) and a virtual Zoo Stampede. I had pain in my foot the evening and overnight before the day of Coastal Delaware, and I had not switched my entry to a virtual one as I was planning to pace, so I just decided to skip running 13.1 miles that weekend and rest.
  6. I’m running with my boyfriend more. I make notes when I track my miles, and I wrote down that I ran with my boyfriend, Mike, who I live with, four times. That’s more than we usually run together — and, we’ve already run together four times in May. It’s great to spend time together, and he’s also pushing me to give my runs a little more effort, in a good way (unlike many runners, I have no problem doing my easy days easy).
  7. I’ve been exploring more roads in Salisbury. Because I’m not traveling for races or to other locations to run, I’m taking the time to explore more Salisbury roads. As of the last day of April, I’d filled in about 54 percent of my map of the city of Salisbury on CityStrides.
  8. I did yoga three times. I’m trying to be more consistent with my yoga practice, and I took three virtual classes with Meta Yoga on Instagram Live. I was able to get myself into wheel pose for the first time during April!
  9. Gyms are still closed. So, I didn’t go to the gym at all, obviously. I haven’t done any of the workouts at home, but that may be something to look into.

Here’s to a happy and healthy May!