Nine things to know about my January running

Here’s my January wrap-up photo with the total number of miles I ran and the progress toward my yearly mileage/kilometer goal. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

We’re now already more than a third of the way through February, but I’m still going to wrap up my January running! Each month, in addition to my regular blog wrap-ups, I’ll be posting a photo on social media with my progress toward my 2,018-kilometer goal for the year. I have already posted that, so at least I wasn’t quite as behind there.

  1. I ran 79.73 miles. This was a little less than I would have liked, but I wasn’t training for anything and didn’t really feel the need to get in long runs during January. This put me at 128.3 of my 2,018 kilometers for the year.
  2. I finished my run streak. The Runner’s World Run Streak ended on New Year’s Day, so I finished that off and then did the following two days of group runs before taking a break for four days — when we also had a blizzard. I had some shin splint issues, but these were thankfully solved with a trip to my chiropractor.
  3. I didn’t do any races. My first race of 2018 is coming up at the end of February — the RRCA Club Challenge.
  4. I ran in one new-to-me location. This was the Washington & Old Dominion Trail — read my post about my run here.
  5. I ran with a new group. Thinking I’d be meeting up with another group on the NCR Trail (near where my family lives), I ended up running four miles with the Chicks with Soles group, who then invited me out for coffee afterward!
  6. I was voted in again as Eastern Shore Running Club secretary. After an uncontested election at our annual meeting in January, I’ll be continuing as the Eastern Shore Running Club secretary for my third year. I love our group and I am glad I get to keep this role.
  7. I signed up for an RRCA Coaching Certification course. This two-day course will be held in Frederick in June, and I’m excited to learn and bring back my knowledge to the Eastern Shore Running Club, using what I learn to enhance our group runs.
  8. I did a few faster runs. Although I didn’t really do what would be considered speed work, I did do some runs where my average pace started with a 9, which is faster than I’ve been running recently. I’m hoping to improve upon my race paces this year from the last few years.
  9.  I went to the gym once and yoga twice. I was going to try to make it to the gym five times per month, but since I’ve already failed on that count, I’m going to try to get to the gym an average of five times a month. So I’m already behind by four, but this at least gives me a chance to make up the days.

Onto the rest of February!

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