#RWRunStreak recap: I ran for 44 days in a row!

Here’s a photo from a cold run as part of the streak, with some enhancements courtesy of Snapchat. 

My fourth #RWRunStreak is behind me! As part of the latest Runner’s World Run Streak, I ran for the 40 days of the streak — in addition to the two days beforehand and two days afterward, which made my streak 44 days. Then, I took a four-day break before getting back to running.

I enjoyed the accountability of participating in another streak. I didn’t post much in the streak Facebook groups I am part of, but I enjoyed keeping up with everyone as well as the positivity and encouragement. One of the stars of the group, Kitty Mackey, even had this Runner’s World article written about her. I did check in with friends in the Delmarva Moms Run This Town group, and I also posted daily on Twitter.

Check out my 40 days of run streak tweets in this Storify compilation: A Run Each Day: Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day

I was never planning on continuing the streak as a lifelong or super-longtime thing, but it was a little tough to make the decision to end the streak — as other people in the group noted, it really had become a habit. However, I had a couple shin splint issues (which have since — knock on wood — been fixed with a chiropractor visit) and figured the rest would do me well. It was also ridiculously cold and we got a bunch of snow, so that didn’t hurt.

I logged 131.99 miles during the Thanksgiving-to-New-Year’s-Day time frame, and with the additional four days surrounding that streak, the total rises to 145.99.

My shortest run during the streak (a distance I did more than once) was 1.1 miles, and my longest run during the streak was 13.1 miles — the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon.

During the streak, I also participated in the #weavstreak (read about the Weav Run app, which I tested for BibRave, here) and my own made-up Hanukkah streak (read about that here).

The run got me out there on some cold days, and I also did two of the runs on the treadmill. Some of my runs included walk breaks, and I did include those — I didn’t include only walking, though.

I’m not planning to participate in the next Runner’s World run streak, because it starts on Memorial Day, which will be the day after the Vermont City Marathon. This was fun, though!

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