A run on the B&A Trail

Here I am with a B&A Trail sign. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I had heard of the B&A Trail before, but I’m not usually in the area — Anne Arundel County, Maryland — other than driving through. So, when I drove up a few weekends ago for a brunch in Baltimore to celebrate my friend’s birthday, I decided to check it out on my way back to Salisbury.

I originally thought I may do my weekend 20-miler on the trail, but soon into my run, I realized that wasn’t going to work out — and thankfully, just about when I arrived, I received a text from a friend interested in running together for a long run the next day. I’m pretty sure there had been at least an hour-plus since brunch, but my body wasn’t ready for a long run that Saturday.

However, I went out there, and I was going to run. I had found the address of 51 W. Earleigh Heights Road in Severna Park, Maryland, online, for the trail, and decided to head there. It turned out to be a good starting point — close to the middle of the trail and with a bathroom and parking lot.

Here’s a view from the trail. There were mile markers every quarter-mile, I believe. (I might not have seen all of them.)

As I mentioned, I started near the middle of the B&A (Baltimore & Annapolis) Trail, but this Anne Arundel County website says the trail is 13.3 miles (you have to click on the map).

I decided to go three miles out and three back, for a total of six miles. I wasn’t that sure of which way was which at the time, but I was running toward Glen Burnie rather than toward Annapolis.

The trail was paved and although there was some elevation logged, it felt flat to me, and I didn’t think there were any noticeable hills (and I live in a very flat area). There were some road crossings, but they weren’t a problem. I was running on a Saturday afternoon.

Here’s the kindness rock garden I came across on the trail

I also came across a kindness rock garden, which was fun to see. The movement has been popular here in Salisbury, and there were some nice rocks here as well. I didn’t take any, although I’m sure I could have.

I also thought it was cool that there were some businesses that backed up to the trail, with some outside tables.

Unfortunately, I had to go to the bathroom on my way back and I didn’t come across any bathrooms after the one at the start. I’m not sure where the next one would have been. That was really the only low point of my run, but at least there was that bathroom by my car that I could use.

I hope to explore more of this trail another time — maybe I’ll park at the same spot and run the other way.

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