OOFOS OOriginal Project Pink Sandals: Be Comfy, Support a Cause


I did the yoga class barefoot, but I wore my OOFOS OOriginal Project Pink sandals to Pints and Poses at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery this month, which benefited the Susan G. Komen Foundation. (Vanessa Junkin photo) 

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With the addition of the OOFOS OOriginal Project Pink Sandals to my collection, I now have four pairs of OOFOS. Whether I am volunteering at a race, heading to the store or going to a festival, they’re pretty much my go-to shoes when I’m not at work.

There are all kinds of OOFOS that are part of the Project Pink collection, but I tested the Women’s OOriginal Project Pink Sandals, which are the only fuchsia option (the rest are black). One of the other Project Pink sandal options is the OOlala, the regular version of which I tested for BibRave recently (check out that review here).

The Project Pink sandals aren’t just a name —  sales of the Project Pink line also benefit breast cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Buy a pair of Project Pink sandals and $10 of your purchase will go toward Dana-Farber, according to the website.

Here I am at the Autumn Wine Festival, where there are fundraisers for Women Supporting Women, in my OOFOS OOriginal Project Pink sandals. I’m also wearing two other items I received through BibRave — the XX2i Bahamas1 and the Garmin Forerunner 935. (Valerie Renda photo)

OOFOS has a specific reason for backing breast cancer research, too — employee Duncan Finigan. Read all about Project Pink and about Finigan here.

The OOriginal, which I received, also have a breast cancer awareness ribbon on them. The men’s (black) and women’s versions of the OOriginal shoe both have the ribbon.

These shoes retail for $44.95 — but they aren’t your average sandals. They’re so comfy and they feel great after a run or just on a regular day, which is why I usually turn to them. You can read all about the OOFOS technology and watch a video here, but one highlight listed on the website is that the OOfoam in the shoes absorbs 37 percent more shock.

Here’s a simple description from the OOFOS homepage: “Biomechanically engineered to alleviate the foot stress and soreness caused by your daily grind. Perfect for casual wear, recovery after a grueling run, or relaxing after a long day on your feet. Slip into a pair and you’ll immediately ‘Feel the OO.'”

I’m training for the Richmond Marathon, and I ran 20 miles yesterday morning. I also work for Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism, and I worked at the Autumn Wine Festival yesterday and walked around afterward. I’ll be back today to walk around and enjoy the festival for fun. Although I did wear sneakers while at work, OOFOS were the perfect option for afterward, and I plan to wear them again today.

Here I am in my OOFOS OOriginal Project Pink sandals on the day I wore them to brunch. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I also ran 20 miles before attending Wicomico County’s Good Beer Festival last Sunday, and I wore my OOFOS OOlala (which matched my outfit better).

Earlier this month, I volunteered at IRONMAN Maryland, where I ended up standing outside for six or so hours. It was originally going to be longer, but I was told I didn’t need to stay the whole time. Of course, I decided to wear my Project Pink OOFOS. While my feet were sore by the end of standing around, I think that would have happened with any pair of shoes, and the OOFOS probably held it off for longer.

I also enjoy wearing my OOFOS just about anywhere. Since I’m training for the marathon, I’ve been doing a lot of long runs. One day, I ran 13.1 miles and wore the OOFOS OOriginal Project Pink Sandals to a brunch.

I thought of a before-and-after photo too late, but you can see some of the dirt that came off my OOFOS Original Project Pink Sandals in the sink. I scrubbed the left sandal first — you can see more dirt on the right one. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I did notice that my OOFOS OOriginal Project Pink Sandals had gotten a little dirty (although not smelly) so I decided to wash them in the sink with soap and a sponge. It didn’t take long to see a difference — although I didn’t get every bit of dirt off, they looked and felt much fresher. The OOFOS website says you can also put them in the washing machine, although not the dryer.

I also scuffed my sandals a little bit, but I think that’s more my problem than anything else. It didn’t affect my love of the shoes at all.

I would totally recommend these shoes — and they are a perfect way to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month, too.

So, are you ready to get some OOFOS? Visit the OOFOS website here. There’s also a new rewards program!

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