Marathon No. 8 is on the schedule: The Vermont City Marathon!

Here’s a photo of Lake Champlain from my 2013 trip to Burlington, Vermont, where I will be running the Vermont City Marathon in 2018. I believe this photo was taken on or near the Burlington Bike Path, but I am not sure.

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Vermont City Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

So, I know my last post was about my upcoming marathon — the Anthem Richmond Marathon. But I actually have two marathons on the horizon — Richmond on Nov. 11, and then the Vermont City Marathon on May 27, 2018.

I LOVE Vermont, and I am so excited to be heading to the Vermont City Marathon in 2018! I have been to Vermont twice, in 2013 and 2014. Both times have been with my boyfriend, Mike. Mike went to brewing school in Vermont in 2014 (yep, my boyfriend brews beer for a living — pretty awesome!).

I have never been to Vermont in the winter, but I won’t have anything to worry about winter-weather-wise with the Vermont City Marathon, since it’s over Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s a photo from the Burlington Farmers Market from the 2013 trip. It was such an awesome farmers market and I definitely want to go when we’re back in Vermont for the race!

I had my eye on this race when I saw it was one of the BibRave partner races this year, soon after I became a BibRave Pro. So, when the chance came up to opt-in for 2018, I jumped at it.

A quick Google Maps search shows that I live a little bit less than a nine-hour drive away from Burlington, Vermont, where the race is held. We did the drive when we visited in 2013, and then I flew up to meet Mike in 2014 and we drove back together. It wasn’t a bad drive, and I love exploring areas through running. This will be my eighth marathon and my sixth marathon state.

The race is set for Sunday, May 27, and it begins at 7 a.m.

Marathon registration opened at the beginning of this month. The current registration fee is $110 plus fees, and the first price increase is Dec. 1, when the cost will go up to $115 plus fees. On Jan. 16 and after, the cost will be $125.

There is also deluxe registration, which, respectively, is $120, $130 and $140 in the above time frames.

To register, visit the Vermont City Marathon online registration page.

This race will be the 30th anniversary, according to the website. I guess I have a knack for finding anniversary races, because Richmond this year will be the 40th anniversary.

I know when the opportunity to run this race came up through BibRave, there was mention of good food, which is always a huge bonus for me when it comes to a race. You can read about food — and maple syrup shots! — on the BibRave reviews, too. Check those out here.

I was also looking at the “Runner Essentials” page on the website and saw CANDY listed on an aid station chart! Awesome!

The reviews make it sound like the course isn’t that hilly, which is good, since I live in a super flat area. There is definitely some elevation change, but from the map, it looks to be more downhills than uphills. I’m not the best at translating elevation maps into actual elevation, and just about anywhere is more hilly than Salisbury, Maryland, where I live, so I will probably plan to do some hill work as prep. When I have visited Burlington, I remember some crazy hills.

I’m not super familiar with Burlington, but the course finishes on the Burlington Bike Path, which I remember being on with Mike. That area is along Lake Champlain.

See the course map here.

There are also relay options for anywhere from two to five people. Relay registration opens Dec. 28. Read all about the relay options here.

There are also free race photos, according to the race website, which is a nice perk. This next one won’t apply to me personally, but I know people probably want to know, so the course is also a Boston Qualifier.

Although The BibRave 100 final list has not been released, this race was one of the finalists for best marathon! And, it also made this Runner’s World Bucket List article of 10 Fun Marathons.

Here’s where you can find out more about the Vermont City Marathon:



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