Red, White and BEER: Beer Mile No. 2

Not your average starting line: Here are my beers lined up and ready to go before the Beer Mile.

It turns out there is a big difference between a 4.2 percent ABV beer and a 5 percent ABV beer.

At last year’s Beer Mile (yes, I’ve done this more than once now!) I decided on the 4.2 percent Miller Lite. This year, I decided to do the same beer my boyfriend Mike chose — Coors Banquet Beer, which comes in at 5 percent ABV.

The beer mile includes four beers and four laps — one beer before each lap, for the total of a mile. To count as an official beer mile (here are all the rules), that’s the lowest ABV a beer should be. The informal race I participated in at our friends’  house is certainly more for fun and without stringent requirements, but I figured I might as well try the 5 percent beer. Since I don’t ever drink this amount of beers in such a short amount of time, I was a little worried, but it turned out fine (although, of course, we walked home).

Although I love to run, that is really only a small part of the beer mile. The tough part — at least for me — is drinking the beers quickly.

I liked this picture of me taken after the Beer Mile.

There were seven of us and one relay team who took part in the beer mile on Fourth of July weekend — on Saturday, July 1. Of the six individual finishers, I took sixth place, and I was lapped by all of them.

Last year for the beer mile, I ran a 16:45, but that was with the lower ABV beer. After the first beer this year, I looked down at my watch and saw about 1:10 — not too shabby, at least for me. With the run, I remember finishing the first lap in less than 4 minutes.

Things went downhill from there. Although I never felt sick, it was just hard to get the beers down so quickly, so I ended up taking multiple sips.

The beers have to be finished in a certain location; you can’t sip on the beer as you run — although I’m not really sure how that would work out, anyway. The running really wasn’t that bad. Since the loops were around a neighborhood and a little bit less than a quarter-mile, there was another half-loop at the end.

My “official” time was just under 20 minutes, but I ran just a tiny bit extra so my watch said 1 mile (since I was participating in the Runner’s World Run Streak) and ended up with a time on my watch of 20:05.

On Strava, the run showed up as 9:18. I certainly didn’t complete the beer mile that fast, so I’m not sure if that might have been my moving time. I wouldn’t be surprised if drinking the beers took me more than half of my total time.

Like last year, I ran a mile for speed shortly beforehand — this year, it was the day before. That day, I ran an 8:09, so I’m confident it was the beer hindering my ability to run a little faster (although, as noted, all the other finishers were much faster than I was).

Here’s a post-Beer Mile selfie in my prize — the sunglasses!

Afterward, there was a podium made of different items (I didn’t make it on there) and various prizes from Evolution Craft Brewing Company — I got some sunglasses!


It was a fun morning and a fun Fourth of July tradition to continue.

20:05 may not sound like a great mile time, but I think that’s even a decent time for drinking four beers. And now I have a new standard to beat for next year!

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