Time for another streak!

This photo is from before I knew I was streaking. I took this photo, showing off my new Momentum Jewelry Footnote with the 11:30 Club motto, after running 10 miles on the NCR Trail on Memorial Day. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

For the third time, I’m going to be streaking with Runner’s World. It’s a run streak, which means I’ll be running a mile or more per day till the Fourth of July.

Like the other times I have participated in the #RWRunStreak — the past two streaks — I wasn’t really planning on doing this. For some reason, I had it in my mind that it started Memorial Day Weekend, and I didn’t run Saturday. But after seeing that so many fellow runners in the Delmarva Moms Run This Town group were participating — and after realizing that it didn’t start the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, but actually on Memorial Day — I figured why not?

I kicked off the streak strong with 10 miles on the NCR Trail while visiting my family, and then today I ran a fast-for-me 3.15 miles for the Tuesday night Eastern Shore Running Club group run.

Here I am holding up a “two” for Day 2 after tonight’s Eastern Shore Running Club club run. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I ran a ton of miles during Runner’s World’s winter run streak — 195.49 in 39 days. During last year’s Memorial Day-to-Fourth of July streak, I ran 106.62 miles. I’m interested to see if I can beat that this year. I have been wanting to get my mileage up some in order to get back on track for my goal of running more miles than last year.

Like the previous streaks, I’ll be tweeting about each day’s runs from @VanessaJunkin. I’ll be using the hashtags #RWRunStreak and #VJRunStreak. After the 37 days of the streak are complete, I’ll put the tweets together in a Storify.

Learn about the Runner’s World Run Streak here. I also ordered Runner’s World’s “I’m a Streaker” shirt today, so I’m excited to sport that around. Thirty-five days to go!

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