My not-super-ideal April running recap

Here’s a picture of me with a strawberry wearing sunglasses, because why not? (Veronica James photo)

With my latest blog post — written at the end of April — I hit 200 posts on this blog! That’s pretty exciting. Now onto No. 201: This recap of my April running.

  1. I ran 81.14 miles. While I’m not really disappointed in myself, I would like to be hitting higher monthly mileages so I can try to run more miles than I did last year without having to run 300 miles in December (that’s not happening no matter what, so no worries there). I did have a cold for a few days, which meant I took off on some days I probably would have run otherwise, but I still don’t think I would have gotten to 100 for the month.
  2. I did two races. These were the Run for the Animals 10K and the OCMD Island to Island Half Marathon. My performance didn’t go how I would have liked at either. At the Run for the Animals, I had recently stepped on my foot wrong and I ended up with my slowest 10K race time (however, I was glad I still ran!). At the half marathon, I was a pacer and while close, I did not meet my time because of the heat and humidity.
  3. I hit one year of leading weekly group runs with the Eastern Shore Running Club. While this is probably more of a running club accomplishment, I am happy to claim this as something to put in my wrap-up — and, unlike some of the other points, it’s good news! I started the weekly ESRC Tuesday night runs in April 2016, and now I also lead weekly runs at a slower pace on Wednesday nights. Both runs are at 6 p.m. at the Ben’s Red Swings parking lot at the Salisbury City Park, if you’re local and would like to join!
  4. I only went to the gym once. See, I told you I was glad to put a happy item in there, as this one isn’t so happy. I went to one spin class during April. I’m on a softball team that plays Friday nights, so I can’t always make it to the barre classes anymore. I hope to attend those when it works with my game schedule and resume going more regularly once the softball season is over.
  5. I took three yoga classes. I have made Monday night my yoga night at Soul Yoga Studio, and I missed one for another commitment.
  6. I met my water goal 15 of 30 days. This doesn’t include the day of my half marathon, because I am not sure how to count that (if you read the post, you’ll know why). Fifteen days really doesn’t sound that good, but it’s actually my highest number of days this year, so I’ll take it.

Hopefully May will be the month that I finally get to 100+ monthly miles in 2017! I also put this out there on social media: I’m planning to walk to work at least once a week in May. I have two days left to make it happen in this first week!

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4 thoughts on “My not-super-ideal April running recap

  1. Like Renee said, you did a lot. Congrats on your anniversary! I don’t think I’d ever be able to commit to a weekly scheduled run. My schedule is always all over the place.

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  2. You did a lot Vanessa and you have some great accomplishments. Hopefully you can see that ! I see everything as positive. It’s tough to do all the things – finding a balance can take some time! Well done and here’s to May!


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