The 15-miler before the storm

Marathon training doesn’t stop for the snow. The training may change, but it doesn’t stop.

I took this photo during my run today, Jan. 22, from a bridge on Riverside Drive. That was before today’s round of snow started. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I had today — Friday, Jan. 22 — off work because I am scheduled to work Sunday, so I decided to get in a solo 15-miler.

This weekend was actually supposed to be a 12-miler, but since last weekend’s run was cut from a 15-to-12-miler because of snow, I figured I would plan to run the 15 miles this weekend. (Read about Sunday’s snow run here.)

I’d be lying if I said the weather hasn’t impacted my training. In between Sunday’s 12-miler and today’s 15-miler, I only ran 3.1 miles. I know that’s not ideal.

I did get in an at-home, inside core/abs workout doing a session of Jillian Michaels’ “6 Week Six-Pack” on Monday, but on Tuesday and Thursday, I didn’t get any real exercise in.

Knowing that we were expected to get snow, I was much more prepared than I was Sunday. I found a pair of gloves I use for running (in an obvious place), and after going outside in just a long-sleeve tech shirt and tights, I decided to wear my Under Armour turtleneck with a long-sleeve T-shirt on top with the tights instead.

I wore my new Victoria’s Secret Sport tights, which fit great but probably aren’t my warmest running pants. Either way, they worked. It was worth it to be a little bit cold in exchange for avoiding pulling them up all the time because they’re falling down (they’re high-waisted, which is nice for running).

I was running by myself, which wasn’t as bad as it sounds because I was listening to music using my new headphones and armband to hold my phone that I got for Hanukkah. I also carried my new water bottle, which I got for Christmas (I celebrate both holidays) and brought some Clif Shot Bloks.

For most of my run, I was able to beat the snow, but around when I hit Mile 11, it started snowing. The snow was pretty light during the time I was running, but it did pick up by the time I finished the run from when I first started.

Afterward, I bought a hot chocolate (yes, I’ve been trying to be healthier, but I figured it was worth the splurge after a cold 15-miler), and then I went to Home Depot to get a screen, grate and wood for the new fireplace we have in our new home. Hopefully we’ll be able to use it tonight and/or this weekend.

The roads weren’t looking too great on my way back, and I’ll be in for the rest of the night. Good luck getting your runs in this weekend, if you have anything planned!