The first snow run of the season

My hands were pretty cold at this point, when I got my phone to take a picture at about the mile 10 point, but I wanted to capture the snow day. The snow was really pretty, sticking to all the branches! (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I was skeptical when I looked at my phone this morning and saw there was a 100 percent chance of snow for later in the day. It didn’t feel that cold out.

I arrived at the Guerrieri University Center parking lot at Salisbury University on Sunday morning for the Tim Kennard group training run, planning to get a 15-miler in for my marathon training. It was barely snowing; there were just a few flurries.

I ended up running 12 miles with my friend Nicole. As we continued running, it started to snow more and more. The snowflakes got bigger, and it started sticking.

It was very pretty and peaceful at first, but as the run went on, I started to get colder.

I wasn’t quite sure where my gloves were this morning, so I wore socks on my hands, which actually worked pretty well until they started getting wet. Around mile 8 or 9, my hands were really getting cold. By Mile 10, I no longer felt the need to run 15 miles.

Since I had 12 miles on the schedule for next week, I’ll hopefully be able to get in a 15-miler next weekend.

I would definitely recommend this waffle and fruit dish that I got at Rise Up Coffee after my 12-miler. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

It was the first real snow of the 2015-2016 winter season — there were a few reports of flurries on another day this season, but I never saw any. It was also my first snow run of the season.

Seeing the snow on all the branches was nice, and right now, I’m enjoying the view from inside. After the run, I also stopped at Rise Up Coffee to get a coffee and try the waffle and fruit dish, which I had never had before but was delicious.

It was fun, but next time there’s snow on the forecast, I’ll have to be better prepared with my outfit and real gloves.

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