Running gear deals to check out

I already have my next pair of Brooks Adrenalines sitting, ready-to-go downstairs (these are the ones I got for $1.83 on Amazon after a discount, gift card and Discover Cashback bonus). But the Brooks website is currently having a winter sale, and I just had to buy another pair.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.58.06 PM
These are the Brooks Adrenalines that I purchased for $78 today. (Screenshot)

Women’s Brooks Adrenaline 15s, the shoes I purchased, were $78, down from $120. If I can buy shoes on sale, I’m not going to buy them at full price.

And, from the Brooks website, there were a variety of colors and sizes available. Often, when I find shoes at a good discount like this, there are limited options. Shipping was also free.

There are women’s, men’s and kids’ shoes for sale, along with women’s and men’s clothing. Here’s the link to the Brooks Winter Sale page.

If you have worn the Adrenaline before and haven’t yet gotten the GTS 15, I will warn you that I went up a half size, from a 7.5 in running shoes to an 8. (I’m generally a 7 in regular shoes.)

I bought my first Adrenaline 15s in the bigger size at Vernon Powell Shoes in Salisbury, where I was able to be fitted and also got a discount, through being a member of the Eastern Shore Running Club, of which I’m secretary.

VS Running Clothes
These are the running clothes I bought at Victoria’s Secret today. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I also took advantage of another running gear deal today, at Victoria’s Secret — a store you might not normally associate with running (I don’t). I had seen the deal via email, but decided to make the trip over to the mall after seeing the awesome running pants my friend Nicole had gotten as part of this deal.

The deal the store is currently having is that if you buy a sports bra, you get a sport pant for free. The sports bra I bought was $55.50 — an amount I would never spend on a sports bra normally. The sports bras I get at Old Navy for $10 or so work just fine for me.

But, with the deal, I got the pants (leggings/tights for running), valued at $64.50, for free. I really needed the pants anyway, and I loved the fit. I’m looking forward to trying them out on a run.

With Maryland sales tax, it was $58.83. I think that’s a reasonable price for good running pants. (And then the additional sports bra!)

At the store at The Centre at Salisbury, it seems that the size options are running low — by far, there are mostly larges left, so if you want to take advantage of the deal, you may want to head there soon. The email also said shoppers can’t get the deal in outlet stores, and the deal is now sold out online.

But here’s the link if you want to browse: Victoria’s Secret Sport.

I’m a big fan of finding deals, and felt the need to share these. If I see any other great ones, I will plan to blog about them.

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