10 facts related to my January running

It’s the last day of January, so I’ve decided to take a look back on some different aspects of my running in this first month of 2015. Here are some of my takeaways, which aren’t really in any order.

In this blog post, I'm taking a look at my running this January. (Vanessa Junkin photo)
In this blog post, I’m taking a look at my running this January. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

1. I ran 91.67 miles in January. I had been shooting for 100, and I could have made it if I had forced myself to do a long run today, but I decided I’d rather do a shorter run today and do my long run tomorrow. I can still meet my goal of 1,200 miles for the year if a few months come in under 100, as long as some months come in over. I’m pleased with the 91.67 miles.

2. I started off January with a run streak. I ran the first five days of January, though I then took off the next three days. I want to do a run streak during one month in 2015, but I decided with cold temperatures and more hours of darkness, January wouldn’t be the best choice. However, it was fun to keep the streak going for a few days to kick off the year.

3. I became the secretary of the Eastern Shore Running Club. At the Eastern Shore Running Club’s annual meeting on Thursday, Jan. 29, I was nominated for the position of Eastern Shore Running Club secretary and with no one else nominated, I’ve assumed that role. I’m excited to be further involved in the running community.

4. I started marathon training. Although not too much has changed about my running yet, I did start training for the Big Sur International Marathon in California, which is set for April 26. (Read more.)

5. I didn’t run any races. I was thinking about it and don’t know if I’ve actually ever done a race in January, but I didn’t do any this month. That was fine with me, as I’m still getting back into my pre-marathon shape after taking a week-and-a-half off after my marathon Dec. 6. There seem to be fewer January races, and I enjoy spring and fall races more, anyway.

6. I’m still getting used to doing 10 miles again. I’ve only done two 10-milers this year so far, and it’s more of a struggle than it had been previously. I’m still getting used to it after running shorter distances for a month after my marathon.

7. I sort of dealt with shin splints. I’ve started to feel my shin splints coming back in runs, and I did go to the chiropractor to try to check it out. I’m not sure if the problem is gone, but it’s certainly not as bad as it was in 2013.

8. I did a couple runs in different areas. I finally checked out Rails To Trails in Easton, and I also enjoyed a run on the Westside of Wicomico County.

9. It was cold. I canceled my gym membership near the end of last year because I didn’t go enough, and I no longer have an indoor option for running, as I also don’t have a treadmill at home. Plus, I just really don’t enjoy running on the treadmill anyway and would rather run outside even in colder temperatures. But as I wrote about earlier this month, the cold did put a damper on my running and I can’t wait for it to be warm again. (I know I have a decent amount of time left to wait for that.)

10. The She Runs by the Seashore Facebook page reached 200 likes. This is a thank you to all of my loyal readers and followers out there, as well as a shout-out to the fact that I also have a Facebook page for this blog, where I keep people updated on blog posts and make other running-related posts. On Jan. 1, I reached 200 likes for the Facebook page, and have enjoyed engaging in conversations with runners. If you haven’t already liked it, check it out here.

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  1. I really like this idea- Great way to summarize your month!! I ran 90 miles this month. I was aiming for 100 as well but with only one longish run through the month I knew it would be a challenge! Hope this weather warms up so we all can get out there for some longer runs without so many layers!


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