Seven facts about my February running

Following in the tradition I started last month, I’ve come up with seven takeaways about my running in February.

I got in a midday snow run on Friday; here's a photo I took during that. (Vanessa Junkin photo)
I got in a midday snow run on Friday, Feb. 27; here’s a photo I took during that. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

1. I ran 80.95 miles. Since I’m going for 1,200 miles this year, I’ll have to make sure I run more than 100 miles some months, but in February, I only got in 80.95 — that’s just about 20 a week. I would have preferred to have done more, but I was actually a little surprised I did this much given the many days I skipped. The total does include four 10-plus milers, so that’s a decent chunk of it.

2. I only ran 14 days. Like I mentioned in No. 1, my long runs really helped along my monthly total. Between it normally being dark after I get off work in addition to the cold weather not making it extremely motivating to get out of bed and run before work, I only ran half of the days in February.

3. I ran with music for the first time in a while. I haven’t been running with music much, and I did at least once, maybe twice, during February. I still often don’t run with music, but it helped pump me up during nine miles I ran by myself as part of a 15-miler.

4. I didn’t do any speed work. And, for that matter, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done speed work all year. That’s something I’d like to change for March.

5. I traveled to one other place to run. For the most part, my runs during February were in Salisbury, but I did get a run in when I visited Richmond.

6. I didn’t do any races. I don’t regularly do races in February, although I can think of at least one I’ve done in the past.

7. I did my longest run of the year so far. As part of my marathon training for the Big Sur International Marathon, I did a 15-miler last Sunday, Feb. 22. It was broken up into two parts: nine solo miles and then six miles I ran with my boyfriend.

Well, February wasn’t my best month for running. Even though it snowed today — the first day of March — here’s to warmer weather and springtime ahead!