Less than three months till my third marathon

Those of us who live on the Eastern Shore know that it’s flat — at least in the places I’ve run, which is a decent amount. If you want to get a hill workout in, you basically have to plan to make that hill part of your workout. Some of the inclines we consider to be hills here are probably laughable to people who live in more mountainous or hilly places.

Normally, I consider not having to deal with hills in my everyday runs a pretty good thing.

Here's where I did my hill workout today, Jan. 30, near Ben's Red Swings in Salisbury. (Vanessa Junkin photo)
Here’s where I did my hill workout today, Jan. 30, near Ben’s Red Swings in Salisbury. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

But the marathon I’m signed up for this spring, the Big Sur International Marathon on April 26, has a decent amount of elevation change, including a change of 520 feet in elevation in 2.2 miles.

Living here, I don’t know that much about elevation change, but it sounds like a lot. (Here’s a map.)

So, in addition to tracking the long runs I am planning to do — I’m not following a full plan but I am planning to pretty much stick to a plan for the long runs — I also have a column where I’ve written “Hill work?” and can write “Yes” or “No” for each week.

This week, I can write “Yes.” My run this morning included the first hill workout I’d done in a while, and I told myself I would run 10 hills as part of the workout, or if that didn’t turn out to be a mile, at least a mile’s worth.

I parked in the Ben’s Red Swings parking lot in Salisbury this morning, ran about two miles for a regular run, and then started the hill workout. I went up the hill to the right, crossed South Park Drive, ran up Beaverdam Drive, turned around, went down the other hill that goes toward the Ben’s Red Swings parking lot and did that loop 10 times. I couldn’t calculate it exactly with my watch, but each loop, including the uphills and downhills, seemed to be in the range of about .16 to .19 miles. My total hill workout part of the 5-miler was 1.82 miles.

The past two weekends, I have made sure to get in 10-milers. (One of them was this run on Wicomico’s westside and another was with members of the Tim Kennard training run group.) I’m planning to run 10 miles again this weekend and then I have another 10-miler the following weekend before I move onto longer distances.

I can’t wait for my trip to California to run in the Big Sur International Marathon. According to the countdown on the website, It’s 85 days, 17 hours, 54 minutes and 50 seconds away. (I’m sure by the time I post this, the seconds have already changed!)

This post has been updated to include the date of the marathon. 

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