March Running Wrap-Up: Some running and a lot of yoga

Sunset at the Salisbury City Park with text reading "March 72.9" in the right bottom corner.

I’ve been easing back into my running mileage as I recover from plantar fasciitis (and I hope it’s gone for good at some point!). However, this allowed me to do a lot of yoga during March. Here’s how the month went:

  1. I ran 72.9 miles. This is not a particularly high-mileage month for me, but I was happy to get in a couple more miles than February, when I ran 70.15. (February is also a shorter month, but that’s OK.)
  2. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:46. This was a slower 1600 than my runs in the first two months of the year, but still fast for me. I’m glad to be continuing to keep this up at the beginning of each month.
  3. I didn’t run any races. There were no races for me this month. I’m planning to run fewer races this year, but my schedule still seems to be just as busy.
  4. I did volunteer at the Tim Kennard River Run. Though I didn’t run, I was out there on the course for the Tim Kennard River Run and had fun cheering for runners and seeing many friends and ESRC shirts as runners passed by me. I was also part of the race committee for this event.
  5. I started training for Grandma’s Marathon. Training got off to a slower-than-ideal start for this race, as I was coming off a two-week break and then a 10-miler, but I gradually built up a little bit, with my weekly mileage coming in at 12 miles, 15.11 miles, 17 miles and 23.6 miles.
  6. I did some speed work. I want to get faster, and I know I’ll have to do some faster running if I want to make that happen. I did “Quarters on the 3” — a modification of the “Quarters on the 2” workout that I used to do with the 11:30 Club — twice. I gave myself 3:00 to run a fast 400, with remaining time in the 3:00 as rest. I also ran with the 11:30 Club one day, which is speed work in the form of a tempo run for me.
  7. I ran in Ocean City with friends. I’ve been doing a lot of runs in Salisbury lately, so it was fun to get out with friends and do a run on the Ocean City Boardwalk, with brunch afterward.
  8. I took seven yoga classes. This is a lot for me! I had fun working on my yoga practice and even went to a Feet Up class, in which I got to practice inversions using a trainer device.

It was a full month, and I look forward to building my mileage up during the rest of April.