Rain and holiday spirit combine during a run on the Georgetown-Lewes Trail

Wooden box has "Trails Unite" on it and a plant inside. It has a wooden plank in front and is surrounded by mulch, with trees and greenery in the background.
I liked this “Trails Unite” message, spotted along the Georgetown-Lewes Trail.

I had a rare night out of town earlier this month, and I took off work the following day. Of course, I wanted to run and explore some new scenery.

This part of the trail goes through a woodsy area. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

During a previous trip to the Rehoboth Beach-Lewes, Delaware, area, my boyfriend and I had stopped at Old World Breads, and I noticed that it was right along a trail. I returned to this area for my run on Dec. 16.

It was already past noon, and Old World Breads was closing at 1 p.m., so I stopped in there first and got a loaf of bread, some apple cider doughnuts and a couple gingerbread man cookies and put them in the car before starting my run.

The Georgetown-Lewes Trail is in progress, and I ran on Phase 2 of the project (read more here), which officially opened in summer 2019. I ran on the first part of the trail back in 2016, and blogged about that here.

The paved trail is currently 6.8 miles one-way from Lewes, and at the Lewes end, it also connects to the Junction-Breakwater Trail. I headed in the direction of Georgetown, and I soon noticed there were many entrances to the trail from people’s yards, many of which had fun Christmas decorations.

I enjoyed exploring this trail, even though it started raining harder once I started and I got drenched. However, even if it had been raining super hard when I’d started, I still think I would have run, just because I love the opportunity to run in new-to-me places.

Along the way, I saw a planter box that read “Trails Unite,” a phrase also mentioned in the above article.

There are no restrooms on the portion of the trail that I ran on this day, but there are restrooms by the Lewes Public Library, which is along the trail.

There are still a few sections of the trail I haven’t yet run. I ran a total of 5.2 miles during this run (2.6 out and 2.6 back), so I ran almost to Log Cabin Hill Road, but not quite to the current end of the trail at Cool Springs Road. I also haven’t run the portion in between Nassau Road and Savannah Road. I’d like to run the parts I haven’t yet.

This map shows the trail’s current and projected path.

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