My most-read posts of 2019

For the last couple years, I’ve looked back on my year not only with a year-in-review post (which is coming up), but by seeing which posts were most popular among my readers.

I published 82 blog posts in 2019, almost the same as the number I published in 2018 — 83. Below, I’ll highlight the 10 most popular posts of 2019 that were published in 2019.

Search results help along some of my older posts. My two most-read posts of 2019 actually took the top two spots in 2018.

10. I’m heading into 2019 with these five running goals

Readers were interested in my goals for the year, and I also participated in a link-up for this post. I’ll talk more about this in my 2019 wrap-up, but I was able to achieve three out of the five goals — all of the non-time-based ones.

I also met two out of three of the blog goals.

9. Gear Review: The new AfterShokz Aeropex — lighter and louder

I got to test the new AfterShokz Aeropex for BibRave, and they’re a great product that I still use regularly.

8. I ran the entire NCR Trail!

Running the entire 20-mile NCR Trail was something I’d wanted to do for a while, and I made it happen on March 1, with help from my mom and stepdad, who drove me to the northern end of the trail.

I made it one of my 2019 goals, so this was one I achieved.

7. I ran 10 5Ks in 24 hours at the Pemberton 24, and it was amazing

I participated in the inaugural Pemberton 24 on Sept. 21. The event was organized by my work, Wicomico County Recreation & Parks, and Algonquin Ultras Inc.

This was a unique and fun challenge — different than any race I’d ever done before. Registration opens for the Sept. 25-26, 2020, event on April 24 at 7 p.m. on Ultrasignup.

6. 2019 Running Travels: Mutton Hunk Fen Natural Area Preserve on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

In 2019, I ran in at least one new-to-me place every month, and in February, I ran at Mutton Hunk Fen Natural Area Preserve, which I found online. It was fun exploring somewhere new.

5. 2019 Running Travels: The trails of Tuckahoe State Park really are a treasure

In July, I enjoyed exploring the trails of Tuckahoe State Park during a Tuckahoe 25K training run. I didn’t run the race, but these were nice trails.

4. Salisbury Marathon: A flat marathon for No. 10, and my first as coach!

My marathon recaps are some of my most in-depth posts that take the longest to write, so I’m glad that both my marathon recaps made the Top 10.

It was fun running my hometown marathon, and I came pretty close to my goal time. The Eastern Shore Running Club had lots of representation, too.

3. Coastal Delaware Running Festival: A nice day to pace the 3:00 group

The Coastal Delaware Running Festival ranked high on both my blog posts and in my Instagram Best Nine, taking two of the nine spots. I asked to pace the 3:00 group since it was the week after the Salisbury Marathon. I’ll be back as the 2:45 pacer at the half marathon this year!

2. I paced my 10th half marathon at this year’s Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon

I think my posts in the Top 1 and 2 spots definitely were helped along by their active race Facebook groups, where I shared the post. This is one of my favorite races, and this was my seventh year running the race and third year pacing the half marathon.

  1. Mission Accomplished: I ran the Marine Corps Marathon on my birthday

The top spot for 2019 goes to my recap of the Marine Corps Marathon — a crazy-weather day that was also my birthday.

I didn’t run anywhere close to my goal time, but finishing this race was certainly an accomplishment, particularly with the weather.

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